I'm out nitrogen and have 5lbs to runs rack. Mounted

So I’m out nitrogen and have dry ice :man_facepalming:

I’ll be short an sweet , no co2 , maybe some 20yr old argon I could borrow… I’m set up for nitrogen but not hot loop

Could u potentially recover about 84f and instead through sieve push the recovery through the material crc rack mounted baby to clean all the butane out bc bunch gets stuck without nitrogen

Or would I be better off to drop temp in tank then hot bump some psi

Looking like the old school cool, vac it, and dump tank in warm water till about 20paii


Spare tank? With prv, & gauge?

Extra 6” or less diameter spool you can get a gauge and prv on?

You could make a “hot push” by filling either of those to 20% and raising the temp to “push pressure” based on that handy dandy vapor pressure graph from engineering toolbox that I’ve littered around here…

Edit: straight tane? Make yourself the above pipe bomb if you can do it safely. 50C will get you about 50PSI. I wouldn’t go higher unless you’ve pressure tested (hydrotested!) to at least 3x your intended WP.


Are you trying to run through a crc?

I have been in this situation, attempted it (with “success”, but did have to bypass my crc) and after the run, wished I had eatin the loss on DI and waited until Monday to get nitrogen.


A wee bit of the ol propane works too…but then you’ve got to get that genie back in the bottle (dry ice?)


Use the argon. It’s an inert gas and it’s the best option you have. It’s just heavier than nitrogen and more expensive.


If your collection is cold enough just push with a little hot gas but your collection should be sucking.


Argon :+1:


Assuming you mean “no recovery pump”, if you’ve got a pump, adding the plumbing to loop is not that difficult.

Adding a “push column”, insulated and with a coil in it, to the back of your rack is not actually unreasonable.

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I may have argon does the same regulaotor work for it too

No cyclo im passive all way…just without nitro taking forever


I was really sad after doing my run without nitro lol

It’s just not the same…

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The same regulator should work.


Would helium work…I have an argon tank on the way 100% argon for tig welding

Nevermind my reg won’t fit on helium tank I got

Just taking so long and bumping warm is picking up fats bad


This is what made me so sad. The final extract just wasn’t the same…

I ended up just slabbing it out, decarbing it and then making edibles…

My buddy got tank argon he’s gonna let me uze…I have helium but I’d have to bump with no reg

Just got tank argon whew

Say use it the sameway?


Yeah buddy. Same same

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Argon usually doesn’t do much more than 50psi, if I’m correct. But with upto that you’ll be just fine, especially with your size of equipment

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Suggests otherwise

As does the regulator out in my shop…


I meant as far as the regulator goes. Your pictures showed what I was talking about, without me having to.

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