im almost ready for distillation...Thanks to everyone here.

Whats up everyone? I appreciate being able to join a community of knowledge and learning. Im able to see how everyone has progressed over 2 years knowing they started right where i am today.

I have so much to learn still from all of you and excited to bring you along on my journey as i was allowed to follow yours.

I have a 2L spd wide bore set i bought from @david that will be here soon. Today i just bought 2 vacuum pumps, alcatel 2012A, and a Leybold Trivac D16A. Im about to buy the bullseye vacuum gauge as well. From my understanding all i have left to get is the 200°c heater. Ive read about a cheaper way with a sousvide and a hot water pump so ill probablygo with that. I may buy some extra and maybe bigger reciever flasks as ive read about someone not having a big enough one and had to flip to tails. I want to be prepared.

Is there any other glass pieces i should get from david that will make the process faster, More efficient before he ships it out?

Anything else im missing??
I bought a small buchi hb 140 rotovap because it was cheap.

Thanks for everything.

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PTFE thermometer adapter from david as well, the glass ones leak like hell


Thank you, ill email him now, im also going to be gettin a kangeroo thermometer, would i need another adapter as well? Would that be for the condenser??

nah im referring to the one in the boiling flask

Ahhh gotcha, so i dont need any thing extra for the kangeroo?

I get a better seal with glass at BF, and ptfe at the head. I do change out the gaskets every use.

I also went 500ml or 1000ml rf for the mains.


Touched base with david and got the adapter and 1000ml RF…

Im looking at sous vide and they only get up to like 139, i was told to get a heater that went to 200°… and what exactly does it do? Just want to better understand why things are used and such


You only need 50-60 c.
Used to cool and condense the vapors into disty

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Well thats a relief, that will definitely make it easier trying to find one lol…

I got it, heat creates the vapors, the cool condenses them into solid form and coils in the glass… so a 5 gal bucket or 10gal tote should work with that…

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No cow correct ?
If so you can run without a heating bath on the condensor
It works fine on 2 liter rigs or bigger
But a condensor comes in handy to learn when to cut for you will see the famous swirl

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This is the set up i have coming…no sir no cow…should i go ahead and get one of those, slipped my mind, didnt even notice it wasnt in the set up.

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O no no need
Yust make. Sure you have some spare receiving flasks
In diffrent sizes

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Got it, so the cow is just so you can spin the RF to another rather than remove and replace another??

Ill just go ahead and get the cow and extras so i have them…

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No don t get that normal cow if you insist on a cow
Get a distillate fraqtion collector by Bredt with corresponding flasks
You can ask @david to make one with a female top joint

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Using this type of cow keeps your vacuum line full bore

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Thank you for that, i just emailed david with the additions. Id rather upgrade and get sufficient pieces now to make it a smooth roll rather than fight it and have problems and the should haves…

So i should have him make me the exact one??
Hes asking what size should the joints be?

No if he makes it as the picture
You. Will have two male joints that don t fit
So this must fit where your receiving flask fits with a female joint like the flask in the same size like your receiving flask


Bottom 4 are same size as receiving flasks, and the top should be the same size as before, whats the correct term for what the cow fits into?