Illuminated Extractors x ChemTek Workshop FEB 26-27

Hey F4200 community! The @IlluminatedExtractor team and @Chemtek team will be putting a demo together this February 26th & 27th I’m San Diego CA. Zack from Illuminated Extractors and I will be doing a live extraction using the E-4K Turbo Extractor along with ChemTek sorbents while we go into detail as to how all the technology in the system works as well as the adsorbents being used and why. We will also cover some techniques on preserving terpenes and ways to improve crystallization

There will also be a networking party after the class on Saturday. More details to come

Sponsored by @SolventDirect


Very excited about this class! Not only will you get 1 on 1 time with Jorge aka @Waxplug1 to cover CRC media and filtration and diamond theory, but also you will have 1 on 1 time with myself to discuss all of the benefits of our extraction systems compared to the traditional model! From CRC & filtration to refrigeration & extraction, many technologies developed by Jorge and myself can be utilized to produce every product expected by the cannabis industry.

Included in this class to each patron is a $600 value package of media of your choice! Provided by @goChemTek!

Learn first hand from Jorge about CRC misconceptions and techniques, diamond theory, flavanoids, and more! Lots of information to discuss! From medias to theories!

From the Illuminated team, I am here to present our technologies, from basic extraction to thermal control and more! Here you will see a live demo of our extraction system, including our revolutionary GD1 evaporator - first released over 3 years ago. Since it’s development our Rotary Cannabinoid Miner was released: paving the way for rotary propane/butane rated devices!

To date, our GD1 has yet to be maxed-out in recovery rate and remains the fastest recovery system for butane/isobutane/propane solvents. It can also double as a mixer for chromatography or other processes, such as a diamond miner - with the Xtal set we include a 24 inch model to serve as a mixer to re-saturate prior to crashing in the individual miners (or within itself).

We will also be presenting our Thermal Control System which provides +50c to -50c on demand within minutes! Very little power consumption with an insane amount of cooling capacity! Currently measured from our Behemoth, absorbing 32kw of heat at -40c through only one column and using only 10 to 17 amps at the compressor to cool all 10 columns!

This class is to bring together the latest in media & filtration and combine it with the latest in extraction technology! Using our extraction system, we will show you that every product can be made with the most efficient method available.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Sponsored by @SolventDirect!


What if you don’t want the media and just wanna attend the course?

I’ll be in San Diego likely those days. I wouldn’t mind stopping by.


Fantastic work, Jorge and @IlluminatedExtractor team. This is great! More education is exactly what we need.


Can it be attended remotely?

I think I’ll be going. The chilling system from @Zack_illuminated is next level and I’m eager as hell to see it in action.

How many seats are available both days?


Can your chilling capability be added to a single shotgun condenser?


You HAVE to take take the media to attend

:joy: Jk hook up a friend in need instead. They’ll be shipped out so just drop someone’s shipping info who could use it on the slip. You know what they say, one mans trash is another mans treasure


yeah, but only after it’s been run through CRC


the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder


There is room for 20 people in the room and both days are the same class. The after-party/networking event is Saturday evening.

We are excited for people to have a chance to actually see the machine and experience the cooling capacity first hand. It is absolutely mind blowing to see it in operation!


Yes. There are a number of ways to apply our thermal control system, including condensation of vapors or solvent pre-chilling with inline heat-exchangers.


Very cool. Are you guys in ft collins? Would love to see it in person? I go through a lot of dry ice and it would be nice to switch it up @Zack_illuminated


I absolutely can NOT wait to see one of those machines! I’ve always wondered why no one was using the evaporative cooling on the machine. I’ve read a bunch, and I’m fucking really really impressed


Yeah we are in Foco… Could likely work something out for a demo of the refrigeration system. Seeing it first hand is absolutely mind blowing.

I first theorized the idea more than 4 years ago with the development of our Behemoth extraction system. It was a fun challenge with unique hurdles, to include maintaining -80c. Now we are pushing the limits even further!

Up next is full automation of our extraction systems and c1d1 rated data tracking!


That would be awesome. I’d love to check it out I’m only like 25 mins away from Foco. Let me know


How did you determine it’s “the fastest recovery system”?

Was there some kind of third-party controlled trial or test to determine this is true?

Or is it just what it sounds like, more marketing BS and big claims with no proof, which you seem to like a lot.

How exactly was this 32Kw measured? Is there third-party confirmation?

The part about low power consumption sounds cool, if true, but I’m surprised no one has asked the all important question: What is the price for the system?

Let me guess, I have to sign up for the $1000 class to find that out the chiller system costs around $100,000?

I see on IG you say “We invented a new method of refrigeration.”

This would be huge for humanity as a whole if true. Refrigeration technology has been pivotal in human development. But when I read other things you say, like it uses a single refrigerant, R290, and a compressor, it makes it sounds like it’s really just standard vapor-compression refrigeration repackaged somehow.

Of all the massive companies with leading scientists working on the topic of efficient refrigeration out there in the world, I’m not saying it’s impossible for you to have cracked the nut, but I’m very highly skeptical.

Whenever I see you post anything about your WFE I immediately think of this gem of a comment from several months ago. I’m still waiting on more explanation about how you think your WFE has more surface area and is “more efficient” than a FFE. You can’t just say stuff like this and then try to let it get swept under the rug and move on to the next claim.

Also, why is a WFE better at removing volatiles (we’re talking butane/propane during recovery) over a FFE? Please explain.

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LOL I’m glad I caught this other gem from the comments on a recent Xtractorpros post.

Why don’t you tell us more about how you invented hot looping and hold it as one of your “patent pending technologies”?

With all your repeated patent nonsense you really do sound like Indra.

It’s funny how so many people ate up that guy’s patent horseshit and even vehemently defended him against people who called him out on it (probably like what will happen here). Where is he now though?

Haha, the “Thanks for letting us know.” part makes you sound like you really enjoy sniffing your own farts like in that South Park episode.

Or even better, why don’t you explain the infamous HPHE (High pressure hydrocarbon extraction) method you have patented and trademarked as well? Or is that more marketing BS? I don’t even see it mentioned in this post for your class. Come to think about it I don’t hear it mentioned anywhere. It seems like you pumped that idea heavily years ago and then just let it die quietly. Let me guess why…

It really is too bad that people on this forum, which was supposed to be based on the open-sourced knowledge spirit, just eat your marketing claims up without asking for a shred of proof. It’s all “Very cool” and “Next level” but no one has even seen it and they just eat your unsubstantiated claims hook, line and sinker.

Look, I don’t know what you’ve got but I do know you have a history of making BS marketing claims so I’m highly skeptical.

On another note, I really do love how the forum, which started based on open-sourced knowledge and spirit, has very quickly become used to advertise multiple different $1000 per seat per day “classes” to get “insider” knowledge. To top it off the classes are heralded as “great” and “exactly what we need”.

Definitely a different tune being sung than open-source education.

To anyone who is a newbie, be very careful about signing up for these types of classes.

The entire “consultant” and “education” business in cannabis stinks to high heaven IMO. Approach with caution.

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I just wanna know the pressure zones. I have seen a cmep hit 300 psi on a clogged coil once. Will it heat the system and cool the system? Absolutely. Is it safe? Fucc if I know.

The dynamics of this should be discussed a bit before people start considering hot looping is all that’s happening. This tek is a disaster waiting to happen if done MacGyver style.

You’re asking questions that will be covered in the class more thoroughly. I’ll give you a free ticket to come see it in action if ur interested