Illinois flower and such meds

Looking for partners in Illinois we are finally recreational :+1:t2:


Partners for what? You need to be a little more specific…


Flower,concentrates, I’m a broker I’m looking for growers and extractors


How are you looking to grow? No till organic? I simply ask because a monetary system we are building business in is very expensive. Best to follow a model based on permaculture so over all investment can be sustainable and inputs can be low and or bought in bulk or even better grown and produced on the property(compost, worms).
What type of concentrates? Old world hash, rosin, distillate, tinctures, steam distilled terps derived from Cannabis and other floral plants? Are you looking to be a single source producer? Meaning cultivation and then crafting the outcome based on a demand (top shelf flower, concentrate products, bio mass etc…) I would love to chat on these topics…

I don’t really care how it is grown as long as it is top quality, I’m looking for distillate, shatter , to diamonds and rosin … anything that is worth me and my teams time!

I question your over all intentions… Not caring how something is grown, sourced, or produced is a LARGE part of this planets over all problems aside from ethics, morals and politics. Top quality blood diamonds are still BLOOD diamonds no matter how you cut them up…
As far as “worth” time… “Time” in this model is based what the demand determines worthy for the supply… Anyone with a head on their shoulders would see that rosin equipment and expendable supplies could be washed via a solvent and turned into distillate. Intellectual property is something I would love to chat about… Potential sell as well…


are You looking for CBD also?

CBD is also included

Pro tip … going into any business you may want to avoid saying things like this. You should always care how something was grown/manufactured , especially for human consumption.
like @ShtoobsGnome said… i question your character, intentions and ask myself… is doing business with someone that has this mindset even worth MY time ?

believe it or not… first impressions matter .
If the initial response from a potential business partner is anything like what you stated.
or anything short of professional.
i would not bother


Thank you @CannaQuantum for that!
As more and more laws start to pass, other countries get involved, facts and information get published etc etc…We’ll start to see a lot of “black market” fly’s start to drop… Not only because of the over all cost to operate your business but mainly because of stubbornness or lack of willingness to conform to a up rising system or chain of operations… I work in landscape and wholesale/plant production, so everything from annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, fruit and veggies you will a system of operations backed with some form of labor that has education and or experience based from a form of professionalism. I related plant production and landscaping to cannabis because we have interns working at our nursery gathering experience for cannabis related futures.