Illegal extractors and a Rico case?


Saw some lady’s profile on IG mention something about an illegal extractor here getting in some trouble, and then mentioning a Rico case. I know we’ve got lots of good data miners here, @BG305 I’m looking at you, haha. Should anyone be concerned?

Im trying to look out for the guys here in the grey area, be careful. Let’s find out if we’ve got unsavory characters sniffing around here looking to put people in cages. No one deserves prison time for trying to make medicine.


i saw that yesterday too. I personally dont think any member here or at least level 3 members are doing illegal activities. Id be interested in how a forum can lead to a rico case against its members. You have to show organized ongoing criminal activities. This forum has only been around a year. And If you seen futures traffic report the other day…The forum really started bumping in December.

Does anyone know of a member getting roped up EXCEPT Haggard and thats totally different. Id be interested in this chat room.

There is supposedly a facebook group that blacklists and talks shit about extractors as well. wouldnt mind reading that one too.


I think she said it was a private chat room, maybe just some group chat.

I just requested to join that Facebook group.


Sounded like a salty ex girlfriend mad there’s free tech advice on here. If that were the case wouldn’t ALL those grow forums that have been around for years have RICOs thrown at them?


What’s the group called?


Regardless of the Rico case, there could be cops trying to collect evidence of people admitting to extracting in a state that isn’t legal. Or in your house, which in CO is illegal.


I mean there’s cops all over social media I would expect everyone to know that. They’ve made whole cases by people’s posts on IG


Extractor black list


Always expect LEO is looking at these forums as well as cultivation forums. How many times over the years have forum files been handed over to LEO for investigations as well as undercover cops using these forums to try to partake and catch illegal activity. Even if this chick on IG was a dumb troll, everyone should still be taking proper opsec steps to keep yourself safe. If at the very least competitors will use any info they can to dox you or snitch. All of us here are assumed to be operating 100% in the laws and regs specified by our states but that doesn’t mean you take less precautions online.


If you cant work in a legal lab, then keep it to water hash and rosin. The consequences for this stuff are real if you operate a clandestine extraction lab that goes awry. Check out this from back in the day: Operation shattered dreams

This bust took down san diegos best extractors on Instagram. The real og’s to the game. Youknowitsdank, mmjake, simply shatter, dr. Darby and a few others.

Get a job in a legal spot, make sure its actually legal lol. Dont snitch on yourself and dont snitch on others.


Exactly, if you working out of a non licensed spot and your posting online your activities, you just told on yourself. The last thing you should be doing is posting illegal activities on public forums. Since most states have de criminalized cannabis the police is looking into other illegal activities to keep a job and stay busy. Volatile extraction and the possession of large amounts of concentrates in most states still carry hefty time. If someone DM’s you about sending, selling or partaking in something thats illegal its best for you to assume they are the police. @ExTek90 send me a link to the Instagram page and the Facebook black list.


I wouldn’t recommend posting incriminating illegal evidence here, or anywhere on the Internet.

We do our best to moderate explicitly illegal sales of goods here, but will not ever be in the business of censoring people unless they violate our ToS.

As for Rico, the forum is protected from the actions of its users by the Communications Decency Act

Afa turning over forum data to the police, if its a case where you used this forum to fuck over another forum member, expect me to give it up. If they want it so they can put someone in a cage for making hash, and nobody got hurt, I’ll pull a Hillary Clinton on that data quick. “What private emails?”


We are considered the #cloroxcrew. Our slogan has to be like Nike, Just Bleach It. :100::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


That would mean not posting.

It is all illegal at the federal level.


:man_facepalming: :thinking:


If we are talking about RICO, then we are talking about federal law.

I guess there is CBD hemp extraction that is legal…but anything with THC is a no go at the federal level.


If the Fed’s were interested in busting legal extraction companies they wouldn’t be online looking. They would be kicking down doors here in Cali all day.

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Shit, even CBD hemp extraction is for sure going to get you possession of an extract above .3% THC unless you’re passively extracting in vegetable oil. Like ExTek90 said, those of us in the grey area still need to be very careful. Just because it hasn’t been enforced on the federal level in the recent past doesn’t mean it’s legal. Especially these days with civil forfeiture, you’re guilty until proven innocent. Good luck getting your property back if someone dox’s you, even if they drop charges.

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I think i figured out wtf that moron was talking about yesteday.

I guess someone who has an account on this forum got busted. I also heard they have a legal license. Idk what they got busted for but thats what i heard

Supposedly this person snitched on everyone and now were in for it.

I highly doubt this


Do you know where abouts?