If you had to buy a Rotovap today


If you had to buy a Rotovap today and had only a few k budget what would be your top three choices?

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what size?
good quality or Chinese?

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how much solution are you looking to evaporate daily?
Do you have a plan to keep your etoh 195 or there abouts?

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I"m not sure how much per day as this is a start up venture… We are looking at maybe converting a few lbs a week currently and moving on from there… As far as size I’m leaning to 2-5 liter for now. If the Chinese stuff is quality I don’t care.


Chinese is just barely even seen on the quality scale.

I would recommend an older buchi or hiedolph 3L for R&D and you can scale from there.


I use an re-501 like what USA labs sells. Works well and can be had for half of there price.? I would buy again. But will soon be out of service due to lab restrictions on UL items


I also run a usalab re-501 5L rotovap (china), and dont see at issue with it at all.


usa labs sells rebranded Chinese.

I couldn’t stress enough how much more user friendly german and swiss rotos are.
they are the way to go for small scale and can be had for your budget, with some calculated searching.


When my last lab started I got three used buchis on auction for $1500. They would break a lot but at least two would always be up and running while I fixed the third! I’d recommend that approach

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I have bought a Buchi also, it is nice- But for the price point and return from re-501 I would stack them up if I could . $1900 to the door 5l with Aspiration vacuum and -10 chiller . Can’t beat it

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Like @sonomasep said, get an old buchi. You can find some good quality and lots of parts.

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Lanphan RE-501, then contact them for an adapter that goes to 24/40 glass so that you can do small batches.

Buchii makes nice ones and IKA makes nice ones … Or so at least sigma-aldrich seems to make them out to be nice. Honestly with glassware you get what you pay for.

I like my Chinese/Lanphan RE-501.

If I had the money I would buy a Buchii … Maybe an AI SolventVap.

But like @Poizzin stated for the price of the RE-501 nothing beats it.


a used buchi beats it.


Buying used can be hit or miss.


with buyer protection thru ebay and paypal, its not nearly as hit or miss as with Chinese. I’m not sure if you read the recent lanphan thread regarding customer service… it was disappointing to say the least. imo only someone who has never operated a swiss or German roto would EVER recommend a smaller Chinese unit, under any circumstances.


I contacted them directly when I broke my vapor tube not to long ago.then had to chat thru whatsapp with a couple different people it did take a bit to get an invoice like 1-2 days of talking cause of time differences. Nonetheless they’re very nice and they get your parts here in one piece.

Thats my experience.

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case in point
buchi parts are readily available for two day or even overnight shipping in many circumstances.


I guess you can only lead a horse to water tho :man_shrugging:

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You could purchase rotovap from me.
I am manufacturer from China and supply labs equipment to American company.

Welcome your inquiry by DM.


But if you kick him in the nut sack said Horse will take a big gulp :+1: