I'd like to propose a new type of vape battery/pen

It seems consensus amongst everyone here, as well as what the research states, that high temperature vaping is absolutely horrible for people. Why not design the device to essentially be “idiot proof?”

If a pen was designed so that when it was used with the appropriate cartridge, it would not heat the material above the “safe” temperature range for these oils, it could result in a drastic decline in vaping associated health issues. I know this has to be possible with current technology, Pax brand batteries can be controlled via an app to the specific degree of temperature. Let’s just take that bit of freedom away from people that don’t know what they’re doing.



Well, this is one opinion, but I’d prefer to have as many choices as possible and don’t really care for any kind of regulation because “it’s good for me”

Because let’s really be honest, any kind of inhalation of substances is probably extremely unhealthy.

Not that I disagree with having the option though.


I highly doubt any version of it is “extremely” unhealthy. Seems lots of people, since we’ve figured out how to smoke stuff, have done it and lived to be very old.

Obviously, cigarettes are worse than organic cannabis, but I think that metered doses of an inhaled oil vapor could be drastically safer than giant rips off some brick battery with a tank.

Agreed, maybe it shouldn’t be a regulation, but, at least an option, so that ignorant people have some type of informed choice that they don’t have to concern themselves with understanding how vaporization works. Because they generally don’t understand…


Agree with the sentiment for sure, I say give people as many options as you reasonably can and educate them about them as much as possible.

This already exists in the nicotine vape world. Titanium coils and some other coil types can be regulated with software based on ohm changes. The issue is you need a pcb. The cartridge itself would need a metal that changes ohm vs temperature.


It exists in the weed vape world too right? I know with mod boxes you can do tcr mode or whatever it’s called.
With the newer boxes, you can control the output in all kinds of ways.

A little pen battery that was temp controlled rather that voltage would be cool though. I’m not aware of one that exists. The mod boxes don’t appeal some people I imagine, especially with having to fiddle with it to get it right.

For sure … temperature can be derived by ohm changes as a coil heats with particular metals. Ie nickel , titanium.

So you can have a small battery that has a board that measures resistance as it fires. As the desired temperature is reached (gathered through ohm) it will reduce the voltage to maintain temperature.

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Yeah, I know the mods have a auto mode that detects the coil type, I wonder how much more circuitry you would have to add to have a similar function in a pen battery. Because without that, the battery would be only usable for one type of coil right?

I was thinking about this the other day. A button activated battery that wasn’t adjustable voltage.

Anyone who has managed retail knows that a depressing number of carts get returned because people fry out the coils or overheat the oil. Or they report it tastes burnt and show the sales agent that they have been vaping it at a ridiculously high temp.

I’ve said for years that most consumers should not be trusted with temp control. It sounds ridiculous but more bad comes from it than good. More heat is not better. Toxic byproducts, burnt coils, etc. Heat the oil that much and it’s going to leak


Don’t different coils operate at different voltages though?

I thought that was the reason for the voltage adjustment.

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I do not know the cause exactly but sometimes when you rip a cart at high voltage it just permanently tastes like burnt plastic from there on out.

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Yeah, that’s usually because they have the voltages too high for the type of coil being used in the cart.

The problem is carts are all over the place as far as voltages from my understanding.

So if you made a pen battery that worked for one cart, it might fry another. Basically it’d have to be a juul like system, where you could only use one type of cart for it I think.


I pretty much exclusively deal with authentic CCells. Only one company I wholesaled from had a different type. They had frequent leaking issues even though it was pure distillate and 5% terps. But even the authentic CCells were having issues on the adjustable voltage batteries. People just love cranking up the temp and taking bigger hits but it royally f’s up everything. Then the cart fails and they return it and blame the dispensary. I might just be sour from having to do so many METRC adjustments for waste products. No one had issues with autodraws (unless they didn’t tighten it properly but that was fixable) it was always the people with the adjustable volt batteries or nicotine box mods trying to rip “fat clouds”

When I first got into carts I did it too. Learned real quick that high voltage led to a burnt taste on all my carts and after I used it there would be a small bit of oil pooling on the threads. I think with the higher temps the oil gets so fluid that it just leaks through and/or burns. Not sure if it’s the oil itself or it’s the coil getting fried but it tastes nasty for the rest of the cart even on low temp


Temp control (or adjustable Power, or Voltage) also enables low temp rips off those disposable carts.

I run around 7W which is on the low side for most carts. I adjust between 6.8 and 7.4W for best taste depending on the cart & strain. I’ve occasionally fumbled and fired at 200W without destroying the cart. really quite surprised that I haven’t killed a single cart that way. The taste is atrocious at 200W and that has apparently been enough to get my finger off the trigger fast enough to not destroy the heating element.

I don’t know how to avoid user error while still allowing adjustment for taste. Especially given the fact that using this stuff tends to make folks more prone to errors…


Very good point about the low temp settings.

Honestly, as it’s been pointed out, it sounds like we have all the options we could want already.

For those that want a set it and forget it at a safe temp, the autodraws work it seems like, and those who want to go hot, or cool, use a custom option.

I have been battling with this for over a year trying to find the right cartridge with the right ohm rating with the right size aperture holes matched with the right battery. I make CO2 extract in Washington and it tastes absolutely amazing especially off of a low temp nail. If the voltage on the battery is around 2.7v to 3v it will taste really good but if you crank up the battery to >3.7v the oil starts to taste burnt especially on long draws/holding the button down. I find that if I have a low voltage battery (2.7v-3v) and pulse the battery say every 3 seconds I can get a huge hit that make my eyes cross and taste wonderful throughout the whole exhale. I think having a low voltage draw battery that pulses on and off say 3 seconds on and 1 second off then 3 seconds on and 1 second off and so on would be ideal. I’ll gladly test out batteries if some manufacturer wanted to design a battery with these capabilities.

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That’s how I’ve had the best experience from carts and the pen batteries, using a pulse pattern on the button.

Also, @clouds, I never thought of using a cart on my mod like that. Next time I pick some up I’ll have to try that out. I have a sai bucket for it, but I actually hate it.

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Here is a thread full of very smart people whom have never seen a ccell euc or vaporesso product


Coils are for tanks though right? I never have looked into using tanks, but I am always curious.

I also bought a vaspresso mod box, but went with the ravage230 because I wanted to run red panda.

If you had a button battery with no volt/watt adjustment and a cart/pod with a specific ohm there would be no chance of firing at too high temperatures. Limit the draw to 5 seconds on the device and it’s done. In fact, this is the reality for most setups except they are autodraw and have longer firing times. It’s actually as simple as finding a button battery with no volt/watt adjustment and then matching it to a cart with an appropriate ohm. @Curious_Roberto with box mods, the only problem is when they autodetect ohms, it’s often wildly off leading to potential problems. I set mine to around 4 watts, 5 max for most carts, but I’m a low temp snob