Ice water hash VS Iceless hash

Something like this?

Pissed I missed out on this particular set up, but have considered putting something together myself… just was worried about too much agitation… also considered using a vibromixer which seems much more gentle


Looks like she’s gotten er toes wet a time or two -Groundskeeper Willie voice

To be honest while thinking of super low cost ways of doing it I was curious how aero mixers would do throw a cage around them obvious to avoid killing the little things with bio, idk how heads would do but I feel okay? I mean good for feeds right? Doesn’t add shitty stuff? I hope?

But reality of it, hand mixing in certain motions will always be superior. Don’t get me wrong I love using over head automation for washing, or washers themselves, but you can’t beat what you can do with your hands. (Specifically for bubble)

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Very possible it’s best by hand…

:woman_shrugging: …but I want to try these


No, just no. I could explain why, but no.

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I’ve had this idea as well with the reactor but using a transducer and possibly a paddle setup that has fins that come out as ovals with 1/2 holes at a 35° angle tilt for propulsion.

Vibromixer is not ultrasonic, gentler but you need to be tuned and sized correctly to the vessel you’re using for it to work.

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Got me digging up pictures, this was almost 7-8, years ago now so I can legally share these.

Primary tank 200ga with me tweaking a pressure transducer.

Primary flow cell v1.0, we ended up modifying this design quite heavily, took us a few iterations to get it perfect.

Product produced by this system at scale.

Wasent a perfect system but was way way way ahead of it’s time. This was also my first introduction to cannabis industry patent shenanigans lmao long story behind that


Completely agree for any vibratory application. To hit the right spectrum to beneficial but not restrictive or hazardous.

Looks familiar…

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Bit different than the one I was looking at.



Cool shit, thanks for sharing

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This was almost a decade ago so when everything on the market was brown af.

We would do kg scale batches which even today is unheard of


Not by everyone but I do agree, most will never be thorough enough to be able to scale to thousands per day unless they’re to the t and control every variable without a skip in any step to properly produce at that scale. Freeze dryer has ultimately always been a bottle neck personally. But now that larger units are coming to face instead of having to old fashion it, I can see some companies start to ramp up and also be able to cut down on their own overhead for production of finer quality hash instead.

Tumbling with dry ice but still multi kg runs this was just after the first few minutes of a first tumble

Yeah i get that but… color isn’t a reliable indicator of quality.

Hard pass.

If you don’t choose by color then how do you know when your trichomes are just right

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Sure thing, but it was a differentiation that made farms want us to process their material.

The material that system produced was straight fire. A true full melt product. Had I not left that company to start my hemp lab and further progress my chemistry career we would still be killing it. And these systems would probably of been fairly prolific in the industry.

True dat

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Why then and not now?

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Our business model included bringing the systems to market, and we were capitalized to do so, but we were making so much money from wholesale that some of the partners involved started getting toxic/greedy, and a bunch of shit happened and the project went nuclear. I exited and used my cut to finance my hemp lab.

Theres nothing stopping me from releasing these style of systems again, any potential patent entanglements I can design work arounds.

I just have so many projects going on now, some of my friends here who watch my IG stories know what I’m talking about, I just have no desire or time too. I have too much bigger picture shit happening.

I Still love hash, it’s my favorite way to consume cannabis, always will be. I just need to focus on projects that make the biggest impact, and a hash machine that I might sell 25 units of a year isn’t really a target that’s worth my time.

Okay don’t take this as disrespect…

But if i can make a similar product without a complex machine, in unison with quantity and quality, maybe even excelling that of the machine…

How would you even sell it? I could drop a sop right now that makes the machine redundant… will i? Lol no… but i could

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