Ice water hash VS Iceless hash

What do you guys think?

Would no ice provide any benefits?
Does ice cause any negative impact?

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The purpose of the ice is to reduce the water temperature.

Ice isn’t required, water in a near freezing state is what is required.

The water isn’t being used as a solvent, it’s being used a physical tool to encourage breakage…

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What do you think about this part as well?

Mmmm, can’t see it having an impact, water is water… frozen or not, the physical state is altered, the molecules themselves are not.

Ice definitely will cause material to break apart into smaller fine particulate which is something you’re trying to avoid. Personally I do very minimal or no ice washes as I chill my water prior & run a chilled jacket or insulate my wash vessels with thermal dynamic to avoid condensation as much as possible.

No ice will make a far superior product imo.


The colder it gets, the more likely you are to impose plant contaminates.

everything freezes, the target here in ice water hash… freezes far faster than the plant itself

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Or start with frozen material & maintain a persistent temperature during your wash.


I disagree, there is hundreds of scientific documents expressing the damage freezing causes, especially when dealing with rare and fragile compounds.

Tell those hundreds of science papers to applicate their process to everyday runs and then they can have a formal input on this situation. Those “experiments” in those papers are for paper and that’s it only.


I already have man… this is very simple, let me help you understand.

What tastes better… a fresh food item or one that has been frozen?

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This is just gonna go in a circle.


Ill have to try washing immediately after harvest next time. Its an interesting thought

Freshly harvested flower will be creating heat the moment it’s cut. Not ideal.

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Yea but you could sumburge it immediately, or refrigerate it

The process of preservation is much more than just cooling it. Just simply cooling your bio will allow it to become moist at the wrong times in your process. Essentially ruining the collective yield you’re looking for. I can garuntee yields would be sub par & profile would end up having an ethylene/chlorophyll dominance.

Got any fully iceless runs under your belt @Cheebachiefextracts ?

A couple so far yes and know a few others that also run ice less as of the last few months due to trying it out & the end product having a ridiculously terp layer form & can make some of the best melt around this way. I’m not just hyping it up for nothing. Think of it this way, you jump into a bath full of cold sharp edged ice, how you think your skin gonna look? Bit more beat up than with just super chilled water. I’m not comparing the two in extraction but in methodology of the process. We all say we want to be as delicate as possible but also be as efficient as possible. Well, grinding your material while washing it isn’t efficient for good hash imo.


This is only applicable if; for profit.

first you get good, then you get fast

Thats kinda what I was thinking. Hoping to hear more opinions soon.(Outside of cheeba and envee)

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Years ago when I entered into the industry I designed an industrial scale system that used ultrasonics to detach the gland from the stalk. It worked wonderfully well after a long time of tweaking the frequency generator to get the perfect ultrasonic frequency to minimize the addition of plant debris into the flow/capture cell.

Ice isn’t required, and as mentioned above it can cause more harm then good. Also adds expense and infrastructure requirements. You need to have your own ice machine or your margins will suffer and low-key, gas station ice is nasty af.

If you have a jacketed tank with overhead agitation plus an ultrasonic horn then your golden.

Many ways to skin the cat.

It also should be mentioned, that quite frankly electrostatically separated dry sift is leagues beyond ice hash imo