I need feminized seeds

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So uhm of cbd or are you just publicly reaching? Cause that’s a alphabet boy move js.


Don’t be silly. All seeds qualify as hemp.

Cannabis sativa L with less than 0.3% THC content.

Find me a seed that doesn’t meet that definition.


I know well of my hemp varieties :wink:

It’s the unjustified ending of the ops post I was more so referring to.


ya dude can fuck off


Hello, good afternoon. Would you be so kind as to send me the varieties you have by internal message? I want an ounce to test the quality of the genetics.

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That’s the part that doesn’t work @GreenWeedPeru

Not that it is an unreasonable thing to want to know, simply one that is illegal, and therefore against community guidelines…


It’s very cop sus imo, firstly I personally will never reply to someone but to troll them if they proceed with that as their first opening set of lines.

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Yeah, very suspicious and most people should understand why this is a ridiculous request.

There are plenty of seed and clone vendors if this guy is serious and just an idiot.

Also, seeds of most lines have enough genetic variation that a sample of flower might not even represent what phenotypes that you’ll end up with.


Been happening more and more on the forum
Anyone remember this guy?

With this post that we all clearly pegged as sus

But never pegged this thread as sus?

Last post before he got a reply identifying what he was