I have some questions for help with distillate oil

I want to make some THC oil for personal use.
Can anybody help me with reference to distillation system and how to do it?
The machines I can buy them and Ethanol
Does their color look like honey in the image below?

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I can give you a consult if you need a step by step walk through. Dm me


Great . can i talk to you via telegram or some other tool?

Absolutely. Dm me on here first for more info

Could you give me some materials about distillation?
For example, like books
And some samples of distillation machinery

I can give you a sop (standard operating proceedures)

Youll need a short path distillation setup.
I suggest going full bore.
If you want me to lay it all out for you step by step thats going to cost (my prices are very reasonable)
Otherwise hit the searchbar and start reading. You have alot of learning to do.

Do you have a way to get crude extract to distill? How much? Im assuming a small spd will fit the bill

Of course ! I will pay for learning them :slight_smile:
I need reading and reference materials
Then there’s a machine system can buy

@david is our go to for budget minded glassware.
I can dig up his email. You can get a mantle on ebay or a lab supply. For a vacuum i recommend an alcatal 2021i.
A yellow jacket 69075 or bullseye vacuum guage.
But before you even begin to search for something we need more info.
How much oil do you have to turn into distillate?

I need some photos and documents on that short-haul system
Do you have pictures of them?
Maybe I’ll buy them

I use them for personal use so maybe 2-5L is reasonable

5l is alot for personal. 2L for sure.

I have a 5l spd kit for sale if you do want to go the 5L route.

I think I will buy a 2l set.
I want to find out information about how it works.
All problems before buying them.
And the price for a 2l set
Can you help me I’ll pay you

Ya no problem. Send me a private message and ill get you my contact info

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What does that pump do for me. if yes or no

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You will need the vaccum pump to lower the boiling point of the molecules.
Lower pressure= lower boiling point

check out: I make terrible distillate....why?