I have a business idea and I need partners

I have been going to a lot of these weed trade shows this last year since the pandemic stopped and I see an opportunity for a great business.

With hemp laws it is legal to ship clones like @cloner to all 50 states so why not start bringing promo materials to these smaller trade shows full of start up growers that only have access to seeds and sell them clones we have gotten elsewhere. You can have all the moms and clones with a cheap hemp license somewhere and ship with a cheap handlers license.

Get stuff from seed junky and cookies and beleaf and other hype strains and tc them and sell to these dudes in new states for half of beleaf.

Good idea or bad idea?

Honestly we could probably just resell @Cloner stuff for half of beleaf prices at these smaller shows.

Arrrrgh why did I just tag him to give him my idea lol

So your plan is to bootleg clones?

Pretty sure there’s already a market for that, it’s called strainly


The growers in emerging markets haven’t heard of strainly and strainly isn’t legit at all.

And anyone that sells clones that isn’t a seed breeder bootlegged them from someone and the seed breeders bootlegged the parents.

You sure about that? lol


Who’s gonna give you their genetics for you to profit off of knowing your business plan?

So you’re gonna just buy beleaf genetics and tc them and tell people ‘don’t worry, their legit’?

Sorry, but I’m not seeing how this would be successful at all.

If I buy them from beleaf and tc them they will be legit. I will get them from seed junky and beleaf and a few guys know to sell legit cookies cuts.

It may sound stupid to you but I’ve already talked to a few new growers that have 5 figures to load up on some clean strains.

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pretty sure he brings clones to a lot of these shows for people. Im almost positive they had clones at mjbizcon…

Yo @Capttripppp, do you guys bring clones to these shows?


Says you, how do I know as a customer, what’s the difference between your word and a dude on strainly?

Mjbiz is a big show that all the experienced people show up at

I’m talking lucky leaf’s and cannacins in Virginia and Mississippi

I’ll post the dms and receipts between me and beleaf and seed junky

they travel to most of the smaller shows too… I was just referring to bizcon cause i couldve sworn they had a a/c truck full of clones there…


Pretty easy to copy that.

Again, what’s different between your booth and a ahow and a dude on strainly showing the same test?

I haven’t seen them at the dozen small ones I’ve been to this year or anyone besides d list seed sellers

Hence the idea there was an opportunity

For a guy that rebags dirt and stainless I thought you might appreciate doing something other people already do but in a different way to a different audience

Theres hundreds of people already doing that but i guess its all about location. Over here everyone and their grandma has clones ready to “donate”


You have an idea in your head, but I don’t see the difference between your business plan and strainly.

Good luck.

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It seems you are just too wise of a cannabis operator to fall into my customer base of neophytes in newly regulated states.

I’ll send your ribbon in the mail champ.

Just to keep ur overhead small, id probably just partner with a clone guy/gal and just get commision from finder fees.
Your talking $1k+ per clone and a couple months of work before u can profit off that clone. 3 months later that clone is now worth $200. 6 months later $100.
So ur always racing to undercut the next person, making those clones u bought worth less


Lol, get mad all you want, I’m not the only one questioning your ‘business plans’

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That’s a great idea.