I am Thankful for this forum

Hi Fam,

I am thankful for you, be it member, troll, lurker or poster. I am thankful for you. Most of you who are reading this won’t comment or like because you are readers only. Of the 30-40,000 active users at any given time on this platform, only about 4-500 are actually registered accounts that post . . . and at least 10 people have 10 alt accounts, so the number is even less. It is you, reader, who keeps coming back to the great knowledge threads that makes this place great.

This forum is like a destination city–San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Miami-- There are great things to do and see and, if you take a wrong turn, you run into an open drug encampment and get your tires slashed. But the human shit on the sidewalk doesn’t stop millions of people every year from going and seeing the Golden Gate bridge, The Rock and Roll Museum, The Empire State Building and a river dyed green every year.

When you come here to visit, you get to decide if you are going to learn, grow and build friendships or be part of marauding sausage fest that takes great joy in the angst and anger of others. That’s a kink for some of you. Weird, but OK. I am still thankful. I can’t tag as many people as I would like to. Please tag people you are thankful for in your comments.

I am thankful for @Future and @sidco who got together on a one-night stand and had this beautiful internet baby. When I introduced them 5 years ago, I don’t think any of us knew what this collaboration would bring. They have stuck it out and I am so thankful.

I am thankful for @bigm and all the winners and participants in the Member of the Month threads. For you lurkers, consider getting an account just for voting. It is a simple way to acknowledge the people who are contributing here.

I am thankful for the knowledge droppers who are so generous with all their chemistry. I can’t list them all but @Photon_noir @cyclopath @moronnabis @Roguelab @TheGratefulPhil for starters.

I am thankful for the meme warriors who make me smile and laugh and take the extra time to put effort into their ribbing and trolling. @Waxplug1 @SubstituteCreature (and I am out of tags for this post)

I am thankful to the mods who try to keep things tidy around here. (If you are a moderator, would you tag yourself in? I appreciate you)

I am really thankful for meeting you guys in real life. For those of you who came up and introduced yourself in Vegas, thank you for doing that. I love meeting you and seeing you sesh with the peeps. The in-person opportunities are my favorite. You ate food that I made with my hands. That is real and it is what I am here for.

And for you, tens of thousands of readers, I am very thankful for you. Keep coming back!


im thankful it seems we got @spdking back!

2022 is the year that just keeps getting better!


I’m super thankful for this place too. Its my everyday touchstone with reality. Its a source of constant learning. Its a source of so many adventures on how to do things and sharing on how things have already been done. Half these people feel like chosen family and the other half like regular family. :wink:

I’m forever thankful for @Lincoln20XX and @SidViscous for welcoming me and giving me shoves in different directions. And for all the parties and educational events I’ve been welcomed to.

I’m thankful for all the shared SOPs and those SOPs that are not shared but discussed broadly and help drive DOE all day every day.

I’m thankful for the forum pointing me towards GLG and changing my mind set on sharing knowledge and foods.

And I am SO THANKFUL for all the amazing weed porn, food porn, and equipment porn that shows up here every day. Especially the plant shots from @vortal and @Medicine.grower, who often remind me why I love the plant so much. And the amazing food porn from @Pupparoo and @ky_cbd from this last years efforts. <3 My garden is small and you give me hope for making it bigger and stronger.

And man - for @Sidco_Cat cause like for real - how many places can you wake up to a message like this that fills you with gratitude for a place that you spend time at every day, with people who are so full of knowledge, where even the echo chamber can make you smile and laugh?

Thank you all. <3


I’m thankful for @Sidco_Cat’s grateful cattitude, and all those genuine enough to allow such light into their souls! Thank you all for being!


@Photon_noir @Cassin hit me right in the feels, guys.


Seconded! Cat has been so absolutely warm and welcoming from day one with me! She’s truly made me leave my comfort zone and meet people who’ve really become dear friends to me! Thank you, Cat!


My biggest hope and greatest enjoyment is that we are building something that makes peoples’ real lives better. Maybe it is the answer to a question, a line on some gear or products, an introduction to a vendor, customer, mentor or friend . . . those are the power moves. Those are all happening every day on this platform. I am so glad to be a part of it!


I am thankful for @stoopkid @ExTek90 @ky_cbd and @cyclopath for tearing me a new one (i know you guys were trying to be helpful/informative) on my very first or second post of the forum. Without you guys, I wouldn’t be double checking my words/sentences/ideas before posting, how to go use the search bar, and reaching out to others through pm. Now, new knowledge comes to me easy and that is because of you guys and everyone here and their contributions. I hope to continue to be helpful and supportive because you all really have been for me!


You sure you’d interpret my responses as an attempt to rip you a new one if you re-read them today?

just curious, because I don’t recall that being my intent EVER…

point me at it so I may learn.


I may not post every day, but I am thankful for those that do, albeit good, bad or indifferent. I’ve learned more from this forum in the last year, than I have learned being in the industry for 3+ years.

Thank you all for sharing knowledge and especially thank you for tips on safety.


I’m thankful for meeting you and calling you my friend. Thank you for everything you do


What an awesome idea!

I’ve never posted before but I’m thankful for Dred_Pirate, StoneD and all of the sauce tek sharers for all of the information they’ve shared over the years. These guys don’t just come on here and brag they figured something out without sharing. They come straight here, share and stick around for questions. All while asking nothing in return. (StoneD has given so much info that I’m afraid he may have worked himself out of some consulting gigs that he most definitely deserves. There are days I want to send him money just for his attitude here. The guy is a rockstar to me!)

I’m also greatful for honest, hardworking entrepreneurs, such as Killa, who I feel as a consumer, has my back and I can trust when it comes to some of this dangerous equipment we use. I just recently started purchasing my equipment from him instead off BVV and Extractor Solutions and I’m seriously impressed with the quality and shipping speed he has going on.

It’s selfless people like you all that are progressing this industry and although I don’t personally have a ton to share, I will definitely continue with the spirit of this forum and pay it forward to anyone I can possibly help with their medicine.

Thanks also go out to the forum owners who always seem to have everything under control and all of the mods who take time out of their day to keep this place legit.

This is easily the best online cannabis forum! Thank you everyone!!


I am thankful for all of you!

But mostly in thankful for Sam. I know you don’t come on future much, but if you ever see this I owe you one forever. I also gotta give a big thank you to one of my local influence @Codemanmakeshash thanks for everything my dude, and I got you in my thoughts daily!


@Sidco_Cat Bless you Mom and all those who donate knowledge to this forum.

Your contributions enable countless families to put food on their tables and safely run their labs and systems. The world is a better AND more entertaining place because of this community!


I am thankful for how much I’ve learned here.

I’m thankful the vast majority of the people that interact with this forum do so in a positive way.

I’m thankful for all the new connections this place has brought me.

Most importantly, I’m thankful there’s a place on the internet where cannabis processing can be discussed and furthered, leading to better and cheaper extracts world wide.


I am thankful that I can come here and find support from like minded people. The forum has always been a great support system. If It wasn’t I wouldn’t come here for support. I’m thankful for the community of people here who tolerate my shenanigans and accept me for who I am


This forum has saved lives. I can’t prove it, but deep down you know it has at least caused people to think twice and give their setups and workspaces that extra look over.

If you’ve ever double checked for a lighter in your pants pocket, made sure there was an extra nut, or clamped a grounding strap to that vessel of EtoH your dumping, it may a forum post or previous lesson a member posted a video of.

I’m thankful that there’s a literal volunteer fire department available online to preemptively engage bad practices and promote their solutions.

I think most here have seen some shit. This forum, if anything, acts as a sort of indirect NTSB: there’s a crash or issue, and usually someone posts how it can be avoided. Chalky diamonds and hydrogenation come to mind. I secretly hope DavidB gets a statue.

Here’s us opening our one of six change safes for a farm. We had a fire in a warehouse a few days before Xmas in 2017 with all our mothers, early extraction equipment, employee payroll servers (saved 'em! Off-site backups are king). We rebuilt. Literally laundered the change. May our irony be a lesson to not leave bathroom fans running 24/7.


I know this is true.

I think some of the lives saved were also in DMs between online friends who can remind each other that things get better again if we hang in there.


I am thankful for Future 4200 and the friends I have made along the way. Being a cannabis extraction board, I took a risk with my business reputation shilling fulvic acid for cultivation and livestock since I have been growing for a long time. You know what? I still learn something new every day here, whether it’s growing, extraction, science, electrical, plumbing or laughing at stupid memes.

I would like to thank all the people that I made an awful first impression with, but they forgave me for being curious and my authentic dumb self.

I love F4200 and the people here! (sorry I ran out of tags) I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving on this side of the pond with your loved ones and all my friends overseas that I haven’t been able to mention too.