I am having the damndest time getting a high yield on bubble hash

Been using a standard size bubble magic hash machine and I get great results. Nice and yellow due to frenchy’s low residency time advice. Though I’ve been reading on different canna-forums and there’s slight controversy between the bubble magics yield and just using a drill and paint mixer.

What is the best high yield bubble hash method that you’ve come across and SOP’s would be nice.

I think the bubble magic is okay for what it is but I’m curious to compare drill vs automation.

Anywho, who has a good high yield tek for yellow (nice and pure) bubble?

Last Edit : I seriously have no idea if I’m getting a good yield back but I do several low residency time washes and get yellow to slightly dark yellow hash back in my 120um and 73um each time I just don’t know if my yield is in point.

Back in the day I was always disappointed in my yields when I did bubble hash. Great product, but I couldn’t dial it in to be worth it. I ended up just switching to dry sift and pressed that.

After moving to a cls and hydrocarbons, I can’t imagine doing sift or bubble. Just my 2cents


Rosin almost always has booboo yields. You might be able to find strains that do better than others and weigh the output to profit ratio, But it’s always going to be way less than other methods


As far as I know the only way to get really good bubble hash is to use very fresh material and very little agitation.

People make that white bubble hash by freeze drying fresh material.

I think you’ll have a hard timing finding an SOP that gives you both yield and quality at the same time.

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It’s super strain dependent

Trichome head size and density

Stalk length and thickness

Do you have some macro shots of the glands?

Most good solventless people scope the glands before they even attamept to wash to see if it might be better suited for solvent.


@anon16547145 is right on.

If I scope a plant with long capitate stalks that is super frosty, I have a friend who will buy the whole plant for bubble/squishing.


research bubbley strains. I read that mac1 is a no go but there has to be info on the best strains. I think its what he said, you need the trichs to break off, certain strains do it better I dont smoke much hash but used to make grat bubble= and it went unsmoked like my personal hash oil stash. I like bho better, bubble seems to wash terps away and the best terps i got were similar to dry sift-- hashy terps. Im not technical on that shit but probably the lighter terps that go first but thats all it seemed to have. bho is more full flavored to me I used to run a bunch of c99 and it made good bubble, I nevver checked yield weight. But i will say- the old c99 crosses from joey weed at hemp depot i grew got my thumb so sticky every time I packed a bowl that i couldnt operate a childproof lighter. i havent had that issue in awhile.


I get about a 15% return by weight with a drill and paint mixer bit. Rinsing off the ice and biomass with water to wash off the last bit helps.

You don’t have to have a freeze dryer to make white bubble if you are not in a hurry. A kitchen freezer works if given enough time, probably a few weeks. I freeze the fresh product and grate it into a powder. Looks like kief.

This thread is probably about thc bubble, but fwiw cbd and cbg seem more concentrated in the trichrome head. It makes a much higher percentage end product, compared to thc bubble.


15 is high if its dry

oh man? you are talking non thc? JK


im messing with you. Us potheads arent so down with hemp but i understand this forum is for both. I agree with hemp= as building materials.

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So what you are all saying is, that making bubble hash is strain reliant or reliant on trichome covered buds just like bho is reliant on those two factors as well because that’s what you’re taking off. … Is those nice top layers and making an extract or concentrate…

I really should’ve picked up on that in the first place.

How many washes are you running?

What is a “low yield” to you?

Are you running whole plant material or trim? Dry or Frozen?

How long are you soaking material prior to agitation?

What’s your ice/water ratio like?

Have you tried the mason jar test on your material ?

What’s that?

Using a small amount of flower in a mason jar with ice and water.

Add ice and water to a mason jar, set it in the freezer, allow it to cool to just before freezing. Place a small amount of your ganja, 10-14 wet grams is plenty, into your freezer as well. Once very cold put your bud into the mason jar, shake it vigourously for like 20 seconds and allow the heads to drop to the bottom of the jar. This will give you an easy representative yield for new strains.


No I’ve never done that :octopus: but I will now.

Thank You.


Like Wolfe said the mason jar test and checking the bottom of the jar to visually see feedback on it. Head size matters too and harvesting times can alter that early versus later. Agitation doesn’t matter as much as maintaining close to freezing temps causing the stalks and heads to become brittle and release. Soft tumbles after a good cold soak is all you really need. I think down the road there will be some means to measure trich head wall density as a way to see squeeze potential too, just my additional 2 cents.


I’m gonna mess with differences in a few months when my Chemdawg plant is done growing. She’s a little sprout on top of my refrigerator rn. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::octopus:

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