Hydrocarbon Extraction has a Vague Blanket Patent

If you are knowledgeable about “closed loop butane extraction methodology”…then you know it is a patented process. I worked with
the group that held the original patent

There was soybean oil extraction with propane in the fucking fifities.

I remember when the owners of Tamisium were trying to sell their patents for “butane extraction” on Ebay. I also recall Indra sending claims to many manufacturers claiming they were infringing on his art.

I don’t know what particularly patent troll you’re acquainted with, but trust that claim only diminished my respect for you.

Unenforceable garbage that does not give you any authority. You spew a lot of technobabble but add little to no value, and speak in a way that frequently demonstrates you misunderstanding of common practices with butane extraction.


I remember all this like it was yesterday. Even the dudes ad on eBay was like “with this patent you can sue all the cls sellers”


google:U.S. Patent Nos. 9,144,751

66,000 references to it on Google…
The current owners are Gene Pool Technologies Inc.
Just look it up…the patent is real and enforceable.

Give them a call…express your views…
Have your lawyers negotiate a license…

I just know it exists and actively litigated.
You all are registered with the state license boards…
Not difficult to look everyone up.

None of this matters if you are criminally involved in the business.

My only point, @calidada is that yes. they did let me “touch” the butane extractor contrary to your illuminated opinion. Because of a complex NDA and my experience going back 47 years with hexane and pentane…we did not really talk much about the butane subject per se. You have no idea how dumb I am when it comes to “butane” extraction. However, I am in good company, Butane works
but the collective ignorance of 4200 on why Butane works is something to behold. The oligomeric liquid anion subject noted above is most
interesting, and to some extent may explain the “rapid crash” phenomena observed with medusa stones and the “louche” sensitivity/ tipping point to water alcohol concentration.
more later…
I am interested in water extractions and “cooking”, food handler’s
procedures; but the problem is one ends up with THCA or CBDA in polymorphic crystalline form. Thus my
interest in the crystallization process…as Willbilly says: DUH?
If anyone has some interesting information on the subject of anion extraction in aprotic solvents…please comment in “Butane works”.

This lawyer shit is just that…but it seems a poor subject on 4200.
Killa…Cali…why don’t you open a subject discussion on enforceable
butane patents. 4200 it is time to wake up a bit…

66.000 hits on google…WTF? More real than sauce? DUH?


Why haven’t they attempted to enforce that vague patent on this multi billion dollar industry that’s infringing on it then?


Patents are federal law. Schedule I.


did you bother to google the patent…
they list the active cases…I have no idea what their
strategy is…call them up…you’re supposed to be the “boss”.
In fact you would be the perfect person to call that law firm…
and get this straightened out. But I suspect because it is
a billion dollar business that is EXACTLY why a large group of lawyers bought this patent: i.e., they know it is enforceable…do you have any idea how fast a large group of patent lawyers can run up a bill.

Read about Pfizer’s defense of PremPro. google it an interesting story…

do you see those $ headed south?
you do understand that this “Billion dollar Industry” emerged from
criminality? Start a subject discussion.


There’s huge publicly traded companies, with teams of lawyers, violating that patent with zero concerns.


ok! "you understand the concept…“teams of lawyers”
you understand the costs.

Why don’t you have “your team” look at it, write a brief
and present it here on your forum. You are opining, not offering
“future’s Legal advice”,correct?

And you are here with your legal opinions, which don’t match reality.


@Future or a modeator can you split that patent discussion out? Plz and thanks!

Done, might have missed a couple upthread

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To state a US patent exists is not a legal opinion.
To state “I just know it exists and actively litigated.” is a matter of public record, not a legal opinion.
To say: “This lawyer shit is just that…but it seems a poor subject on 4200.” is not a legal opinion.

You are trying to create a “strawdog”…
if you have some proof that billion dollar companies with teams of lawyers have zero concerns…where did you pull that shit out of?
How about a reference? As a quick guess though, I think in that situation you are right.
Instead of just bull shitting everyone, have your lawyers give
that group a call and then have them write a brief and publish it here.
Do everyone here a favor…be magnanimous!


I do have to say it’s spooky seeing this. I can’t afford to fight a team of 25 attorneys even if there wrong.

As I have met moronabis In person im a little more understanding of the way he writes. Very nice guy And was brilliant with ideas when he was visiting my lab. I wish he had more time to stay and I coulda learned a few more things. Hope the patent isn’t enforced but I’ll. Have to follow these now.


Looks like Precision Extraction is involved on a claim for this patent in 2016?


edit: nevermind it says “related case”

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So you don’t think it’s cool for some cocksucking lawyers to buy a patent in order to take someone to court?

And to look up everyone, that is cop talk , I’m surprised others haven’t commented on that shit.

There cannot be a legit patent, it was given by a patent office person who is paid for.


Nobody’s going to writing anything for your lawyers to read, bro
And that chemistry knowledge you have is worth nothing if you’re supporting cops and lawyers and hating on people who, while you call them criminals, they were giving people medicine for free , all day long,
You’re a sick man


Looks like Udoxi and Tamisium are tied to Genepool somehow.


You may not have the money to go after them. But every single lab in the country, combined, has more than enough money to defend itself. They honestly wouldn’t get very far trying to attack the entire industry. You have any idea how much money ets and precision have to defend this subject? Now imagine every major brand, nationally, that also has the money to get a legal team that trumps the 25 on that case.



Omfg :joy::joy::joy::joy: why tho!!! Why’d you gotta bring that shit up man​:rofl: cause at one point in time I thought that was fucking cool But!!! Now that I know how unsafe it is!!! I never wanna use or build anything like that.