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Hello Everyone! Long time reader of these posts and have gained much knowledge from everyone here.
We have a new to us wiped film machine in our lab and have been having issues with vacuum pressure. The unit we got is a HVE 30 with the booster pump kit as well as the beaker and wrench outlet pumps. Our feed tank is a peristaltic pump that feeds from a metal pot.
Terp strip has gone fine every-time we have done it and our parameters are below:
Feed: 100C
Body: 170C
Outlet pumps: 90C
Vacuum: stays around 0.3-0.5 torr
First pass seems to drop a lot more waste than we want and I think it is due to our vacuum not being able to get lower. Parameters below:
Feed: 100C
Body: 163C
Condenser: 90C
Outlet Pumps: 90C
Vacuum: can only get down to about 0.2 torr

I have tried to contact HVE and Lab Society but have had no luck with them. Our next step is to confirm that the vacuum pump itself is not messed up by segmenting the line and testing every part. Just want to see if there are any setting we could change that would fix this.


Blank off the vacuum and see how deep it can pull being directly hooked up to the vac meter. And what pump do they supply? There’s a chance that it’s not powerful enough, if it’s the stock/turnkey pump that comes with it.

You didn’t test the blank off value on the pump before attempting a run a used machine?!?

If the pump don’t suck, ain’t none of it gonna work…

After verifying you have a pump that will hit 1micron (or 10 if that’s all it’s good for), THEN you test the system.

I’ve had success tracking leaks down simply by spraying ethanol on the suspected location while watching the vac gauge.

see: Progress on vacuum chamber build - helium leak detection, custom flanges for HTF do I do that?


My wiper runs at 60 millitorr and I have to have the evap at 180-185 and internal condenser at 100 to get a decent yield.


I literally just got done fixing this same problem for a client in Alabama lol

Make sure the check valves on your pumps aren’t leaking

That’s the #1 cause of vacuum problems

Idk why they sell you that vacuum system it’s so over kill for that wiper


feed pumps yes?

do check valves EVER work with hash?
more than once?!?


Yes, if you get the good compression fitting type that I use on my skids (the same one cts uses on there pumps) you shouldn’t have a problem.

The spring that B and W uses are weak and it always has a problem sealing. Hate those dam pumps. I refuse to buy there stuff which is why I make my own

Here’s the 30 l feed flask me and Joel built for this client along with our 8 channel heat tape controller

Uses a liquiflo pump with bodine motor and vfd

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Why are they in oF?!?

That’s C bro

I run my shit hot

It’s d8

First am I reading this correctly…
Your evap temp during terp strip is hotter then when you are running to distill the cannabinoids?

Looks a whole lot like F (and not at all like C) after them there digits…


Willing to accept that picture is actually too blurred to tell, but it sure as hell looks like F from the cheap seats.


Indeed. Wonder where the cannabinoids are…



He did reply to me



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You can see it’s C

One of the main problems with the hve is they recommend these stupid 30 dollar heat tape controllers that only do 230f

That isn’t hot enough for the inlet IMO and it’s why they can’t run that fast



Thank you.