Huber or Julabo

Finally to the point of choosing a chiller/heater. We are being told from the manf. of our 5lb BHO extractor, to run a julabo FP-50 HE chiller and julabo SL-12 heater. Our manf. recommended we have a chiller with -80 capabilities. Wondering if such temperatures are essential? Would using say a -40 polyscience be disadvantageous?

I’ve placed some calls to the different lab supply companies, waiting for calls back. Hoping to get some advice from the various users here.

Thank you.

I run a Julabo FP-89 on our PX40 system and i wish i could still go colder. Even though the chiller is rated for -90c using it to chill my solvent tank i regularly hold -40c when not running the system and around -30 on recovery with a DI/denatured coil on slurry before injecting back into the solvent tank. Are you chilling your columns or solvent tank and what 5lb system?


Thanks for help!

We have the 2017 PX1. We will be chilling both the column and solvent tank.

I’ve yet to run into an extraction system with a chiller that is too big or runs too cold. Hydrocarbon or ethanol.

I am constantly dealing with folks who have chillers that are too small, or won’t hold process temp in the desired range.

Ask @precisionnick what he recommends for the PX40, and run that instead :wink:


On the topic of chilling. I am trying to find some method for easily predicting the size/capacity of chillers for various applications and dont want to become an expert in thermodynamics.
Is there simple formulae that can one can use to predict x watts of cooling to bring y volume of solvent down to Z degrees? Perhaps one that includes the SG/density of the solvent ?


I use a Julabo FP90 for my PX1 system… for the PX40, and for temps you’re wanting to push, I would highly recommend Julabo’s FPW91 or hit a HUBER 915/925 if you want no delay in extracts intervals… When I upgrade to a larger set up, (PX40 or something similar) I will definitely upgrade to either chiller I’ve mentioned paired with a MTA cooling system for the cooling liquid supplied to said chillers. Hope this helps. And I make lots of temp sauce, I see no difference between -55C and running at -70C.


Hit me up , if you are in the business for a new 915w, we also have a 905 air which does not require a chiller for the chiller, and has a great price point. FPW91 is open bath, and not super effective. Even our 825 can do a better job, right now we have a promotion on 825’s

What’s the 905 coming in at? Kw at -60c?

I have a Huber CC902 attempting to chill a 100lb solvent tank and an ETS Mini-MEP and failing, prolly going to have to upgrade

My friend has a 290w. But the interface is old. Can I, and how much does it costs to upgrade the interface to pilot one?

Hello , unfortunately the 290w can not be upgraded to a Pilot One Interface.

That thing shows unreal cooling power. He’s selling it just want to make sure it’s an ideal chilling option for me… I don’t want it to f up or the computer to crap out for it being so old.

#100 tank? I hold those temps on my #50 with a g50c from bvv, looking to upgrade though. Disconcerting seeing this about the FP89.

From experience get Huber we always run into problems with our julabo while our Huber hasn’t had any but low fluid level for refills :rofl: julabo cant hold a steady temp while running

Anybody needs a unistat 815 I have one for sale

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