HTE vs Native Terpens Pens?

In lieu of finding a thread that actually pertains to HTE sauce pens vs CO2 solventless distillate + native single sourced terpens.

What is the biggest difference between the above when it comes to taste? My effective cost to procure either are the same price. (dont ask it’s very steep)

I’ve searched most of the threads for pens, there’s only 1 sort of that references HTE pens and there is none as it pertains Native Terpenes in distillate in pens.

unsure how this thread will play out

I make CO2 distillate pens made with strain specific terpenes, and I definitely prefer HTE made with hydrocarbons combined with distillate significantly more.

The less heat terpenes are exposed to, the better they taste, in my experience. If you use sub-critical CO2 to extract terpenes, they can be very similar to hydrocarbon HTE.


Is $30 for .5ml cart (this is on bulk) a rational price? No wrapper, just loose for strain specific native terp distillate blends?

What should HTE pens cost done in bulk? 1-2k not 10k units

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Where are you? Your location, the state of the market there, supply and demand, all factors in whether that’s a good price or not.


Just noticed your profile says Windy City, I assume that means Chicago. If this is accurate, I’m inclined to think your supply is not local. If this is true, there’s a good chance you’re being offered carts that would not pass testing and are actually poison.

If any of that is true, I beg you, be patient until the laws catch up, produce the product yourself, and get it tested to ensure no one is inadvertently huffing dangerous chemicals.


Majority of the stuff floating around town, both in grey market and actual dispensaries is…well crap.

I’m not paying $100 for HTE cart, and dispenaries are charging $50 for half gram distillate cart .

Nothing is sourced locally. I only buy from extractors I’ve met, or trusted the supply chain. The current batch pens that are floating around are all poison in the grey market, as have them tested. The saddest is that not they are dirty, but the when you see active THC is sub 45% on all pens in town it’s really really sad.

Dirty + Cut in the grey

Dispensaries are raping people, with none on the pens having any native terpene being $40-70 for full gram at the store before tax. HTE pens are meh and good ones are $100 each. When the tax laws kick next year all pens are going to taxed 10% sales + 25% rec tax (blended 38% effective tax). Oh yeah that sounds like a dream come true.

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So I have CO2 extracted terpenes as well, our batch specific carts are far better than any food grade or hemp Terpene. Although I have sourced one hemp Terpene that’s pretty freaking good.
we make carts that wholesale around 30. But in the stores they’re more than double for product that’s not as good. We like to use 10% CDT. And at a value of 45+ per milliliter. That’s over 4 dollars extra to the cost of a 1 gram cart
Local stores are putting out carts at 5 %. Because they’re greedy and cheap


HTE is by the far the best. Med dispensary here sells green for HTE pens for 30 for half gram carts.

CO2 and steam distilled Terpenes added never compare, reformulations taste perfumey.

The best tasting and effective pen is one with just high quality cannabis extract. If your going to cut, cut HTE with distillate.

By native terpenes do you mean strain specific essential oils extracted from cannabis (aka cannabis derived terps)?


What does HTE mean

High terpene extract. Aka sauce. Like when you make diamonds, the non diamond part, though winterized preferrably



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Oh you guys are talking about terp sauce yeah I get it
So what we run into with that is that some of that is the best smelling best tasting ever but a lot of it’s really dark so it darkens the distal it so much and cartridges that I hesitate to use it


Not anymore, once everyone gets on the CRC train anyway.


What’s CRC mean ?

Color Remediation Cartridge.


So you’re saying you’re going to color remediate terp sauce,

I heard you could bleach it

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sounds like science fiction :joy::sweat_smile:

I’ve seen a lot of HTE pens, none of which have been clear.

They won’t genuinely be “clear” but, they’ll look like distillate.

I’ll have a line of it out in Michigan, probably early next year.


Crc cold hydrocarbon extract only(no disty!) , decarb at 250 for several hrs! Taste wonderful stays light till the end w good carts

Did I mention I think they are better than disty carts and obtain w machine fraction of the cost