How to Mix Distillate w/ MTC & Terps HELP PLEASE!

Hello! I am new to this world, I just purchased my first half liter of distillate.

I do not know the exact thc % but I was told it can handle up to a 50% cut. I do not plan on doing that much, I’m doing 40. I was told to do 30% MTC and 10% terps, I just need some average carts that are gold looking I don’t need the potency to be that high.

Are these steps correct?

  • Heat Jar 140 on magnetic hot plate / stirrer until it’s runny
  • Add 150 grams of MTC oil
  • Stir really well with the oil
  • Put Mixed Oil into 4 162.5 beakers
  • Heat again? Add 16.25 terps to each one

Can someone help me with these steps with ideas if I’m in the right direction or not please.

Thank you

Wow a 40% cut how kind :laughing:

this calculator might help you, I would suggest doing like a 10 gram batch first and making sure the tips are good.


40% is a super hella cut. Better be selling those .5ml carts for 5.00


40% will leak unless you are using top airflow carts, wicks, or miniscule intake holes. If you purchase a small scale homogenizer, you can test first in test tubes, and then fully homogenize your magstirred solutiin


I’m using C-Cell Dank Carts

I can do 20 mtc / 10 terps too

I’ll Cashapp $10 to whoever can post steps/directions for me

I have a magnetic stirrer, 1000ml beaker, 5 200ml beakers, 2 syringes to fill .78ml into the .8ml carts and 500 grams of 87% gold looking distillate.

Looking to do 5 different terps. Gelato, wedding cake, 2 OGs, cookies.

I’m not in a market for high quality carts just something that looks gold, smokes well, tastes decent.

Let me know

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@killa12345 this is exactly what I was talking about with the cart guys. Thats why i dont really consult them unless I know them


i put 26ml distillate add 2ml terps, turn heat to 60C, stir at 300rpm for 2 hours. turn off mag stir and fill 28 carts. i don’t use mtc.


i would add the mct at the same time i added the terps. then mix for 2 hours @60C.



so 10/5/1.5 for a sample batch first.


Sample batch is key


also like someone mentioned the hole size on your cart has to be appropriate to your oil thickness or you will get leaking / gargling


I need steps for my equipment / distillate/mtc/terp setup

The first person who can give me those please drop your Cashapp at the bottom and I got you.

using 200ml beaker, pour 10 grams of distillate into beaker. heat to 60C. add 5ml mct and 1.5 ml of terpenes. stir at 300 rpm for 2 hours. turn off stirrer. using syringes, transfer mixture to 15-16 cartridges.

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you can use a separate 200ml beaker for each flavor. after the sample batch, verify that the result is acceptable, then make the final batch, using 90ml distillate, 45ml of mct and 14.5ml of terps.

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40%? Lol Jesus Christ.
Is this what the cart game has turned into. Just ripping people off?

  1. Take your magnetic stirrer hotplate put it on 90C, then place your 1000ml beaker onto it with an appropriated sized stir bar (2-3 inch)

  2. Using a clean butter knife scoop 100g out of your distillate jar.

  3. Place the 100g in your 1000ml beaker

  4. add 50 grams of MCT Oil to your distillate in the beaker

  5. let this warm for 30 minutes, until you can get the stir bar to spin and mix the solution at high RPM with a vortex in the middle

  6. add in 16 grams of terpenes and let mix an additional 30 minutes

  7. Once the solution has been mixing very well with a vortex at high speed for a good amount of time your mix is ready to add to your pens

  8. Fill 207 of your 0.8g carts

If you find this sufficient please donate the 10$ to:


Smart carts is about to slaughter the game woe. For the first time in my life a wholesaler told me his people rather pay more for better quality gear.


Woah. Is a new tide turning? Maybe people are realizing they are only getting half grams when they buy a full g. (like the op)
I know I wouldn’t buy these watery boof cut ass carts.


Thank you, what’s your Cashapp? That site is asking for donor info name etc.