How to mix bho glass shatter with terpenes?


I recently purchased a few lb’s of glass shatter but the taste isn’t the best and am wondering how I can add terpenes to it in large quantities without fully losing the glass shatter texture?

I am thinking of water bathing it on super low heat then mixing a very low dosage of terps but not sure if that would completely ruin it.

Thanks ahead of time for the help and glad I found this community

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You will lose your glassy texture. There are ways to accomplish this, but you will definitely end up with a less stable product



Might be able to spray it on?



#Cloroxcrew strikes again :sweat_smile:? @Killa12345

Anyone ever sprayed terps on top like Soxhlet suggested?



I saw someone doing it at a popup a few years ago with steam distilled terps. people were bringing slabs to be misted for $100 a pop.
edit: choose your sprayer carefully!



Try using a food grade brush and brush the terps onto the slab.



i have put on clean gloves and rubbed the terps on the gloves then rubbed the slabs top side at first and second flip. it worked and added flavor/smell.



@Dwyane_Weighed thats the ticket!

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After brushing you think anything else would have to be done for a balanced mix? Like folding over each other repeatedly or should be fine after letting terps soak in for few hours?

Thanks guys, glad I found this community



I always redissolve in propane/butane and add the terpenes directly to the solution. Seems to be the best way to get it to be spread all the way throughout the extract.

Thing that sucks is u have to repurge it into a shatter consistency

Your gonna have real trouble keeping it shatter if you use heat to melt it down and mix it up with terps.



Letting it soak on top for a few hours would be the easiest route.
If you are not happy with the results you could consider brushing the terps on then letting it rest in a warm oven without vac’n it down. The lower the temp the better!



When it comes to spraying or brushing, I would guess you aren’t going to get a properly homogenized mixture, for us in a medical lab, that would be unacceptable, you could take a couple different samples from the shatter, and each one will probably have different terpene content, and different cannabinoid concentrations as a result.

I have thought about doing this but have been wary about the extract not being exactly as potent as the test says.

maybe use a pastry brush to brush the terps onto each side, then put it in the oven, just warm enough to get the oil sticky. maybe doing this whole process twice would be better.



no but id like to introduce some yellow canna terps from diamonds and put it on the top of the white budder and call it "dulce con leche flan TM. LOL



Use a piece of ptfe sheet, like oil slick to paint them on both sides. Then heat lightly with no vac to let them soak in a bit. Not perfect, but it works.

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Here is an interesting article



Terps are powerful :smiley:

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Dissolve the slabs in tane 4-1, run the mixture through a column half full of scrubbies then through color remediation adsrobents to scrub color and knock down the harshness of the terps in the slab, reclaim, re-pour. If you brush terps on you might cause nucleation by making the thca on the outside of the slab more mobil.



If you have 100% propane that would be ideal to use as the solvent. Not for the crc column, just for terpene infusion. Terps could be added to the vessel before pressurization.

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Would a planetary centrifuge decarb the shatter?

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i estimate the yield based on prior runs of the same starting material and add the needed terps to the recovery pot before running. this way they get equally mixed in with the oil and carrier solvents before the solvents are removed.