How to make bho sugar wax

How do you make your sugar wax? I’m not talking about jarring it up. But rather I heard you gently whip the extract on a hot plate then place it in the oven? It supposedly has more flavor and the yield tends to be high? Time, temps, procedure, and whatever info you could share would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!


check this thread.

…addresses whipping to some extent.


Whipping it causes nucleation to occur faster. Meaning it will wax faster. As far as the lipids go, if you run a closed loop system that “de-waxes” your concentrate it is fine. It will still wax. Just don’t winterize it. You can whip it up to agitate and it will wax faster. When you put in the oven on parchment or whatever you use pile the oil into a ball in center. I start with no heat. Start increasing vacuum at room temp. A “muffin” will inflate. Slowly increase vacuum until you reach full vac, watching it inflate. Don’t let it touch oven walls or another rack. Once it is unreactive. I raise temp slowly to 120F-130F. Depending on what consistency you desire. I typed this on my way out the door to work. If I missed anything or this is not what you were asking, hit me back.


How long do you leave it under the 120-130 temp? When do you release the vacuum?

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I usually let my slab sit in oven anywhere from 96-100°f to try and initiate nucleation. If that doesn’t start it, then i agitate with a dab tool then slowly raise temps to 105°f all the way to 120°f depending on reaction. Usually sugars up in a couple hours


Place one gram of stable shatter In folded parchment. Stuff it in your pocket and go smoke some weed. Check on it when you remember too. NY sugar.


Sorry for the basic question. Are you pulling a vac on your oven in this method, also is your oil in a jar or pyrex or parch boat ?

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Starts on parchment. Once sugaring starts or doesn’t i transfer to a pyrex or jar(mostly jars lately). No vac

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put that shit in a tray, put it in your oven at 110 for a day no vac. this is how I was mimicking oleums honey crystal.


Sugar is literally the easiest to make.
It used to be a “mistake” and worth less and called crumble. Now its sugar and worth more LOL
Ive made sugar just by spreading the wax on parchment and letting them sit out. My oven was being used for diamonds. 2 days later perfect sugar wax.


NorCal. It’s fully purges that way with no vac?

nah son, that’s just to speed up the crystallization and get that texture. turn that vac on after. purge time depends on batch size. you can drop down to about 95f when you click the vac on also.


Hi Kid, I am running a closed loop machine with a crc filtration system. I was wondering if you can strip out to much wax, fats, lipids and terps that the oil will not sugar out. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I know there are a lot of variables but we have not been able to sugar, shatter or do anything but a sticky oil. Did get some snap and pull but am looking for sugar.

What is your process. Have you tried hot jar tek? @Kamron

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This is very simple take that stuff place it in ,4oz mason jar seal it up 85ish f. The thing w CRC is the raw oil jarred just can’t help itself to sugar up yl…you can never go wrong jarring the oil

Now there’s a couple reason why it doesn’t sugar if it doesn’t.

  1. Your material is so old all the thca has converted to thc overtime. At this point ur screwed. Improper storing can do this much faster than years.

  2. You ran way to hot and picked up way to many undesirables.
    Use dry ice next time, prefreeze material on dry ice also then run dry ice frozen solvent over it…if u have jacketed column it’ll make it even more pure more clear thca w thinner terps.

  3. There’s other way I don’t know yet that our probably things like % of thca the % of other cannabinoids.

  4. Certain sprays I imagine could inhibit crystallizing

It’s usually 1 or 2…with 1 there’s always that idiot storing his trim in 105f degree garage and this will speed up the thca to thc converrsion


If there’s more than 25-35% cbd it won’t crash out, or even sugar in the slightest. The only times I haven’t been able to get thca to drop out is when cbd(a) is present. First couple times it happened to me without knowing it was cbd, I was befuddled.


Like when @FicklePickle sends you material….

Lol. Gonna be great cart material


I’m glad I put all the gas in the right jar, though.


Are these butane or pentane

I totally forgot about this reply, my bad dude. They are in butane still

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