How to infuse north Atlantic blue crab with thc

Greetings fam, I am the cannacrabber! I am currently developing the first cannabis themed obsticale coarse on the Chesapeake Bay Baltimore MD. Anyone that knows Baltimore knows we associate drinking beer with Maryland steamed :crab: crab… I would like to change that. I am a commercial waterman . I have been my whole life. I don’t want to go to far into detail about the specifics . I want to keep this about science! I am trying to figure out the best way to get crustaceans that have meat inside of their she’ll infused. I think it can be done a few ways . The obvious go to would be cannacrabber medicated garlic n black pepper butter that you dip the crab meat in. But it’s all about the seasoning. The goal behind seasoning a crab with old Bay and rock salt ,or shrimp for that matter, you touch the crab when u open the crab n the seasoning transfers to the meat . Well this is one area I need advice. If I had decarbed flower in the seasoning that would technically be eddibles and help infuse the crab. One way ppl that steam crabs at home flavor thier crab is use beer and viniger at the bottom of the steam pot and being the route I will be taking for the infusion tour is on a island I will have to use propane and a reg steam pot using the viniger and water to steam the crab. Typically in crabhouses in md the steam comes from a boiler room . I can control the steam the way I’ll be doing it. My point is what if I used a thc derived beer and viniger to create the steam or maybe but some disilate in the pot to make " infused steam" … It may seam like smoke and mirrors but I’m selling a exsperience …a very unique one at that…I’ll be happy to elaborate about my buisness in detail I just really need advice on getting the meat infused … butter will work but I want the make them as good as possible for the clients that book a infused adventure with cannacrabber… thanks ahead of time guys …flame on


How about a heavily infused cannabutter you literally injected into the crab with a needle in several places? Heavily infused so you don’t have to use much and more you’d have an extra moist crab meat.

Probably something you’d add after considering you’d have to put a hole in the shell and that’d likely affect the way the crab cooks.


the butter is the best route, you can give each person a cup of medicated butter that has a exact dosage then the customer can decide how much they want to consume.This will potently avoid hotspots in the mix, and allow easier prep.
you might try a really lemony strain to mimic a lemon butter.


100% agreed with @Soxhlet

controlling dosage is mission critical, and handing that dose to the customer and letting them make the decision is the only way to make this work well.

uncontrolled dosing, either hot or cold spots, will destroy the experience. probably more so for those who get too much.


Agree with the previous comments. Probably would go best with jersey style crab prep though. :smiley:

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Not to sound like a monster but maybe you could get the crabs drunk on THC liquor and then cook them alive hoping the THC will be bonded in their fat and hoping that leaches into the meat. …


one more for the butter route.

You could infuse crab cakes much more easily but the whole crab will be difficult


More likely some heady crab mustard :rofl::rofl: ain’t no one gonna touch that. Worthy of some exploration though…


Hadn’t considered hot spots. That’s an extremely valid point. With that in mind it sounds like infusing the thc into the carb while still in crab form is not really achievable. The crab cakes concept has real potential too, but main not be what you’re aiming for.

The only risk with the butter I can foresee is people being unaware how much butter was enough butter. They aren’t going to be able to feel the effects of the butter they’re ingesting for up to an hour and a half, generally a bit faster but still, and how much butter one person likes dripping from their crab may not be the same as their friend. If you do it responsibly the lightweight that uses the whole portion of butter provided gets a perfect buzz, but the heavy smoker is bored. You make the heavy smoker happy, and let’s say he only uses half the butter so it needs to be fairly strong, but now you’ve got lightweights experiencing the negative side effects of thc. Kinda a fine line, which is blurred by how much each person decides to use. Might be better to infuse it into something people ingest in a more standardized fashion(like in the meat, but that wasn’t a good option) or perhaps in another dish, a drink or appetizer you know everyone will ingest completely.

well without having this broadcasted to the whole internet cuz I’m still dealing with trademark and licensing issues here in Maryland and especially with the edibles apartment that’s not supposed to be legally cool until 6 months from nowwith that being said this is not just a few some crab cakes and hand them to you deal over kind of thing it’s much more complex and it’s not just about the crab it’s about the entire experience

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I’ll briefly go into detail I’m purchasing a 50 pot Crab pot license I’m building 50 crab pots and making 5 10 Pot rows a group of four or five people take on the challenge of becoming a Canna crabber

We leave from the local dispensary that has agreed to partner with me as far as advertising and marketing…unless someone here can help me out in the legal department I have some jackass out of Florida a parent attorney I consulted with bit I digress . The group meets up right around the corner from where the boat will be leaving from everybody sign in checks in makes any purchases legally to have a paper trail of where the meds are coming from . I believe I would have to become a registered cannabis caregiver and have a Serta serve certificate which I do, and a hucksters liscence to peddle seafood which I do. We leave out go to the crab pots which are bright green and sprayed with pot leaves stencils. I drive and pull up to a row of pots . The customers then get see what it’s like to be a commercial waterman . Aka a Canna crabber . But now is where the magic happens . After we work a few lines of crab pots and catch the crab . I take the clients to a actual island and bust out the bright green jet skis for cussies while I get the infusion part going on . From the bay to the table . Single source seafood . Single source product that someone that is liscenced In This field , with me as a marketer and in charge of most local sales , We could easily develop and sell massive amounts of infusion cruise and diy home infusion kits that could have a website. I know it’s alot to read but this is my dream . Some think it’s crazy but there is a thin line between crazy n genious…I believe I’m stuck on the fence any help is appreciated.


@CuriousChemist22 I am following you and I’m sure u are seeing that it’s a whole exsperience based around the crab and the fact ppl steam crabs in beer drink beer and honestly ppl like me always felt left out but I personally know about 1000 ppl that would totally be sold on spending extra money and having a cannabis exsperience that will parallel no other thing that I’ve seen on the east coast… Honestly if I made a rso oil and injected it into the backfin of the crab where old school crab house workers like myself use to ice picks n stick the crab to paralize it before steaming so it sits still in the pot… ANYONE KNOW OF A CBD OR A THC INFUSED BEER I COULD STEAM THE CRABS IN AS WELL THAT WOULD DEFINITELY MAKE THE MEAT HAVE A UNIQUE FLAVOR LIKE WHEN U USE A REAL BEER

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I think anything beyond medicating the butter is gonna be ridiculous and wasteful.


At 3500 a trip I think a little rso squirt in the backfin of the crab and when I make the butter use all the decarbed flower to mix in with the actual seasoning that u put on the shell of the crab???

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Maybe have different strengths of butter so people can eat their preffered amount of butter without consuming too much or too little for a good time


I personally think its not as cool as an experience if you just dipping crab in a weed butter

I think the value of the tour is an infused crab

Just my 0.02


Unless the crab has fats, your infusion isnt going to hold up.

Infuse fats, dip said entree in said fats.

8yrs I’ve been making edibles now. Also, 2yr degree as a chef, and over 20yrs line experience.


What about thc or CBD beer as the steam and a injection of rso that doesn’t need to fuse to fat as I understand , which I am possibly wrong,

I’ve seen franchises o. Facebook for axe throwing parties … Literally ppl getting drunk throwing axes at a target!? I feel that the client base and exsperience on the water catching your own crab on a big green boat while taking diamond dabs n smashing assorted infused treats… When they pay for a exsperience it’s what there gonna get n some