How much is thc distillate going for?

How much is a liter of thc distillate is going rate as of today? I’m getting rates all over the map thrown at me. What are you guys seeing as average right now? (Not CAT3)

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Where are liters 10-12k?


10-12k is that a typo?

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I’m not a typo kinda guy.


I’m getting clean kgs here in Maine for 6.5k


You say what?


Small amounts up here are going for about 10-12 per gram now but a kilo I am seeing at 6.5 for nice single pass and nicer second pass around 7.

This is pretty recent too a few weeks ago I was seeing darker single pass stuff around the 7k mark


Per litre??? Geezus with all the cannabis around, instead of burning all the overgrowth why not convert it. Seems to me the legal game consistently makes it more expensive. It should in reality be no more than 2k$ USD for a litre of disty.

I hear in leagl states they burn overgrowth to keep quantity within state guidelines. Should be sending the overgrowth to storage and have it post processed as needed.

I get the cost if machinery and electricity but why make it so much for a litre??? Seems like a bunch of greed if you ask me.


Have you seen the price of trim and taxes in California. You wouldn’t ask why. You may ask how so cheap :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Not cat 3 as cheap as 4500; cat 3 around 6500


Pffft the mexicans have it clean down here for 3.5


Well whatever the amount able to be grown they need to quadruple it. Cause burning product to control quantity is making this industry more and more expensive or so it seems. Taxes in MA are ridiculous as well. It shouldn’t be like this. Cannabis shouldn’t be for the upper class to rule over; It was supposed to be safe and affordable access.

Affordable Access is currently a laughable term when it comes to cannabis and it makes it seem like the movement is becoming derailed. It’s become less about the people and more about business.

Trust me, if it was how we originally wanted it they wouldn’t be controlling quantity and assuring a higher price to the consumer.


I’ll take 10 at 2/ltr!

Screw it, make it 20


I don’t make any disty. if I had a grow facility, a license to operate and free complete training on how to operate a SPD and WFE unit I would damn sure be doing it 2k$ USD.

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your fantasy world is not reality. If you grind and reinvestent in yourself and get all those “ifs” then see where you’re at. Until then stop preaching about price from a custys standpoint


Honestly though if you weren’t limited in the amount you could produce; how much per litre could you charge? A lot less. It can be a reality if the limits of production were heightened. Legal states quite literally limit the common distillate maker by limiting the amount of material allowed to be grown. It ties into each other, does It not?

Think of it like gasoline. When there’s a shortage or a limitation the price of gas goes up. If there’s no shortage there’s a steady flow and a lowered price.

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Are you in Mexico?

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Sometimes it feels like it

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These are at 6.5 single and 6/kg for multiple in norcal
I usually sell reds at 5-5.5