How much can fit in a tray

Hello all,

Quick question, I know there’s no exact amount, but about how much shatter can you purge on a 1.9 vacuum oven tray?

Just curious to how much you could theoretically fit in a 5 tray 1.9cf vacuum oven.

Thanks in advance as always. Didn’t really see this answer using search. Sorry if I’m dumb and missed it.


You can pour em real thick like a half p each but typically a quarter p is about the average and a hapoy medium. Too thick will get messy and too little is space wasted @Curious_Roberto


Thanks for the answer! That’s exactly what I needed.

The response time on here is absolutely amazing.

Another way to be able to add more is let them pre heat so you dont get a huge muffin.

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This might be some helpful information on making the decision!

Thanks guys, the advice is much appreciated.

Sorry all, I should have said what aztecs was searching for.

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Thank you! And to all here. I have the ability to purchase 2 1.9cu ft vacuum ovens at $900 a piece (I am purchasing several thousand in other equipment from same company. So that’s why price break) but the issue is that they are 2 tray ovens. Not the standard 5+ tray. Is it worth it doing this deal. Or should I spend $600ish extra per oven for more trays. I am needing to purge roughly 3-5# per week.

Can you add more shelves or is there not brackets for more?

I believe I cannot add any more shelves.

What brand oven is it

Chinese manufacturer.

Also $900 includes shipping. Usually it is $1300 per oven. They seem to be of good quality.

Depends on how you’re doing the muffining.
I have 2 .9 cubic ft ovens that I’ve put over 1.5lbs in each one.

When oven space is tight, I let’s the Slabs sit in the oven at 80 degrees for 12-24 hrs to let most of the solvent leave on its own, then I pull vacuum slowly making sure they don’t muffin up into the next shelf.

It’s an absolute bitch, but it definitely makes it so you can shove more in. I’d go 1/2lb slabs

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Not worth it if you’re going for slabs. If it’s an oven for jars, no problem


Yes I am going for shatter. So from what I’m hearing is I should spend $500ish more per oven to get 2 1.9cu ft ovens with 5 racks and that would be better for slab.

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I kind of agree that’s it not worth it, thinking about the extra costs to rig extra shelves in, you’re probably saving more like 5 hundred tops?

With a 5 shelf unit and taking @Ficklepickle advice, you can do 2.5 lbs twice a week with one 5 tray oven.

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2 ovens, 4 trays… $1800…or one 5 tray oven for 600$ more at a total of $1500 gives you more than double the usable trays for $300 dollars less. Not considering power consumption and the fact if you have one oven and one pump you can let your pump run. I’d stay away from the 2 rack ovens.


I purchased the bvv 1.9cf oven from amazon like 2 weeks ago so far loving it it came with 11 shelves and was only 1300 with free shipping its the stainless steel model


I was just under the influence that I couldn’t even utilize the extra trays (beyond 4, not just 2) because of the muffin hitting the top of the tray. But thank you for the info. I will not do the 2 tray.

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Search “nitrogen backfilling” or “nitrogen sweeping”

Muffin size concern will be a thing of the past.

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