How long to redissolve

I have some concentrate that I want to redissolve in butane and filter through more media. I’m wondering at what ratio and for how long do I need to soak to get the extract to redissolve in butane? Can I use 70/30 n blend still or would it need to be 100% n-tane? Sorry if this is a newbie question but I would really appreciate some advice before I do this.

I just use warmed solvent and it seems to work really well. Even with a blend. I heat up the solvent so it melts the bho cause cold butane/propane doesn’t dissolve solid bho very fast.

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I put mine in a jacketed dewax column and circulate hot water until its dissolved, usually takes a lil while


I’m going to soak in warm butane at a 1:8 ratio (1 lb concentrate, 8 lbs solvent) for a couple hours. Do you think that’s long enough?

I planned on dropping about 300 grams of waxy goop into my collection pot through the sight glass port. Injecting 5-6 pounds of butane and letting the collection pot warm to 30C. Once it’s all melted, my idea is to transfer it from the collection pot to a sleeved column packed with dry ice for a stall to freeze out the wax. Then into my CRC with some CRX/CRY for a scrub.

I know this is an old topic, but it’s as close to what I’m attempting as anything I found when I searched. Does anyone see a problem with my plan?

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load product in material column, fill column with solvent. open colum up to recovery ( i shut off solvent and use a bypass on my injection rail allowing the solvent vapor pressure to go to recovery.) the decrease in pressure rapidly boils the solvent enough to agitate and get a full dissolution in 10-15 mins. once fully dissolved, i pressurize the column excess vapor pressure or n2 and send it down the path, thru filter and into collection. recover solvent, collect oil, repeat.

its much easier to dissolve it in the material column using pressure differentials and room temp. its also a lot easier in line like this. if i were to dissolve in collection i would need to disassemble and clean collection before bringing it back


I just heat the extract pour it in my tank then throw the tank in hot water bath after it’s warm maybe hr I run it always works

btw anyone wanting the best color removal try lustermax im down to 50grams for 2lbs material


Just ordered their sample 2kg bucket. Thanks for the lead on it.

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I’ve got an outlet port on bottom of my collection pot, which is jacketed. I’ve got it all in the collection pot now with 6# of butane melting. I opened the recovery port for a few seconds to agitate and it’s all in solution now. Next, I’ll add a little nitrogen to push it into my dry ice-packed dewax column to stall and freeze out. I didn’t want to do it in a material column because I can’t see when it’s dissolved. In the collection pot, I’ve got sight glasses.

I’d planned on breaking down the system for a scrub anyhow. I wanted to do this before I did that. I’ll leave it stalled out in the dewax, while I clean the collection pot. It’s a 20-30 minute operation.

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don’t use dry ice column run warm ur not extracting. just rerunning

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I’m using CRX/CRY that wants to be run at -10C. My goal was to dewax and clean up a little. Mostly dewax. I ran it all at room temp and pulled more wax than resin it seemed.

looks like a turd in there :laughing:

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Sounds like your oil got absorbed by the media

Ok. I apologize. I asked for help and then just went and freaking did it. It’s waste material otherwise and I got excited to try. Sorry. That’s not being a very good asker/follower. You guys make me want to take chances and try stuff. Its really all your fault​:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


No. No issues with that. I ran it without any and at room temp before I knew better. It’s some stuff I’ve been sitting on for the right idea to strike me. Today was the day.

I see my bad I thought you meant you ran the crc at room temp instead of -10 but you meant the biomass was extracted at room temp.

For redissolving I would suggest using an empty stainless steel solvent tank. Open the lid, add the extract in, reseal, flood with butane and let it sit for a day. Next day when you come in it’s all dissolved and ready to push with nitrogen into a crc


It’s in here now. Time to clean the pot.


Wrapping up recovery. Here’s a little off the top.

The terps were pretty spent going in, so crumble was the hope. It looks like that’s where it’s headed.


Regardless of the outcome. Bouncing ideas around while I worked on this was great. Thanks for the replies.

I ran into something during this operation today. The outlet valve on my dewax/jacket material column, seemed to fail in the nearly closed position. It’s one of the few remaining chezzy 1/4" valves that came with my erector set. I have 3/8" replacements on the way. It finally released enough to clear the column and finish, but I got worried for a while. I ended up flushing the CRC directly through my little 1/4" injection coil to keep it cold.

What would be the next step if it had failed in the closed position? I’d have a column full of solute with no way to release it to the CRC or collection pot. I can’t imagine this being the first time it’s ever happened.

Update: I plugged the screen and blew it out. The valve is fine.


This is why it’s important to do regular maintenance on all valves and fittings. Might be a worn seal or the valve just needs replacement. Replace it when ur done and remember this event when you are prepping for use. Check everything. Then check again. Safety is paramount

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