How long should a second pass take

We have a 5l Ai spd. Edwards 30 pump. The vapor temp in the 160s. The condenser temp is set to 50c (any higher and the circulation pump stops working) The mantle is set now to 205 per GLG master sop. The vac is down to 33 microns and holding strong. We initially started with 2413g of distillate in the Bf.

how long should this pass typically take considering the variables?

Also what pump can we use that’ll allow us to go higher on the condenser?

We have a eco pound pump. If we go higher than 50c it stops working because it is “thermally protected”

Any input or experienced guess would be great. It’d be nice to know what a typical run and expected time to process this would take. :+1:t3:

I couldn’t find any info on it and I know it is dependent upon the equipment used and other variables

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pond pump?
so you’ve taken @QGA’s suggestion and you’re gonna use the SPD for goldfish?
I think that was anything larger than 5L :wink:

look for something designed to move hot water.

cheap: solar water circulator

slightly more expensive: household hot water circulator Robot or human?

those are examples not recommendations.

I’d recommend spending a little more, and getting one in stainless…but I tend to like gear that I can re-purpose later, and a decent hot water pump has a number of uses.

edit: about the same time as your first pass. give or take.

Edit: my favorite hot water pump is the Bosch pump that Mercedes use to circulate coolant through the heater core. They run for 30+ years in the engine compartment, passing fluid at 115C. I of course source them used for $10 or less


I use a $7 eco pump for hydro systems and can run 70c water with it. Sureflo is a company that sells any and all sorts of pumps check them out


Yeah I grabbed this eco pump from Home Depot. Once the temps go past 50c it turns off on us. Thanks man I’ll look it up.

Mine is a eco66 it’s the cheapest one cause I don’t need a lot of water to be moved, I do t even hardly use it but I’ve only replaced 1 because I melted it trying to do hot.

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Are you saying if I find a Mercedes at the scrap yard it is worth my time to take out the water pump?


They are certainly solid little pumps. 30-40 years in an engine compartment and I’ve yet to hit a dead one.

I’ve run 3 Mercedes out past 300K. One of them made it well past 500k. I’ve switched from biodiesel/wvo to electric at this point.

Currently have two EVs with 70k a piece on them. One of them from essentially 0 miles.


Never made the jump to bio with my any of my tdis but always wanted to (was always lots of info and help on a place like tdiclub), but with electric now where it’s at and where it’s going in the near future there’s not much of point.

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