How do you tell the difference between light assisted deps and actual indoor grown tree?

Assuming i didnt grow it, how would i be able to tell the difference if a buddy showed me his stash or something? Some of them look pretty good so that its just so hard to tell.

That’s why you pay someone to be honest and tell u whats what


Structure can usually give it away


Ive seen mixed light thats just as good… if not better than indoor. The sun is the best grow light in existence. Ive been a firm supporter of a quality grading system for years. Ive grown outs that rivaled bad ins. Ive seen deps better than ins. On the other end there’s mids. I can’t tell if it had a plastic sheet over it or not. Bottom line is flower is worth what someone is willing to pay. Flower shouldn’t be graded by its grow style, but rather it qualities. You get what you pay for.


Some of the best deps look better and smoke better than ugly indoors for sure


A trained eye can tell the difference between outs and climate controlled greenhouse. The difference between outs and hoop is more difficult. Under a scope they might both have junk stuck to the trichromes. Full season greenhouse and good ins typically have differences in structure… even the same genetics can express differences. Ins vs mixed light controlled greenhouse is tough. I think i can tell the difference, but there’s still a chance you could fool me. At the end of the day though I’ve never decived a buyer. If you buy from strangers or nefarious people then expect the following:
Out sold as greenhouse
Greenhouse sold as deps
Deps sold as ins


It you can’t tell the difference then you aren’t smoking the right indoor.

I can’t wait until all the boof is off the streets so the indoor market can take over for good. No one wants shitty midsy outdoor greenhouse dep garbage anymore.


The price


The price, absolutely.

I would get out a scope and give it a good look over. Is there dirt/debris/ash? Are there missing trich heads from wind/rain? Widespread pest/disease pressure?

I’ve flipped deps that look better than a lot of indoor.


One way is to notice the amount of lumber ie stems and their thicknesses…(yes that’s a word)
The sun will produce thicker stems than the lights.
And all the other shot people said about looking at it in a scope


There are too many people growing shitty ins and too many people who grow amazing deps/supplemental, in addition to how many people are just doing it, that pricing and quality and trim job that just ask and look into their eyes…


Humboldt/Trinity County deps > your homies indoor


Gotta be honest, ins won’t be more than 10% of the market when interstate commerce comes around.



I feel like most growers on the rec market here in Cali are skipping the flush or not flushing long enough to get an extra harvest every year

You can taste it in the weed

Agreed, the only people who will be growing indoor are people with a large brand and following who can sell it for more then the gh/outdoor people

Theres large farms on the coast here producing pounds of high quality gh for around 50 a pound and that’s with cali wages and tax


great, we’ll give you 325 pp then :rofl: :joy:

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There are literally microclimate in California that produce different quality herb. The coastal wet zones are good for summer deps but beyond that it molds out so they have really nice fresh frozen the rest of the time. The dry spots an hour east of the coast have the best cured weed. Kevin jodrey has spoken on this before.

@qma those are the lower quality packs. You can get those in Oregon but the best growers here in humboldt don’t give up their herb for that price. I’m talking the best weed in the world not cartel weed

Funny thing is that cartel bosses and chads think the same


If the grower is worth a damn there isn’t a difference. I’ll still smoke outs from old hippies all day long before hyphy roided indoor boutique strains.


The people I’m talking about are in large GH

Is an example

There are still nuances like humidity I’m sure