How do you guys know if your isolate is being cut?

Hey Folks,

This is not directed at anyone. Its just a concern ive had for a while. How do you know if someone is cutting your isolate or distillate? Ive seen prices dropping rapidly. And while this is due primarily to supply and demand. It is also because some folks are “streching” their isolate, I believe.

Ive tried some really great Isolate from Lazurus naturals, and then recently ive gotten isolate from another company (who out of respect to the game will not be named). Well their isolate looked waay different. When I added terpenes to it, it turned light gray! Plus when I dab this isolate, its really harsh in compairson to Lazurus Naturals.

So do you folks think that vendors are cutting their isolate? And what is the best way to find the most reputable?

First thing I do when getting a batch of any isolate or distillate is send it off for lab work. How else will you know what’s in it? @kcalabs does great work btw


So what happens if the batch turns out to be not good and the vendor tells you to piss off/ or tries saying that you sent in a “Fake” sample

Sorry for asking dumb questions. I am new to the industry.

You move on and don’t make that mistake again. Possibly out them here so others don’t make that mistake either.

You get in house analytics. You might even consider one of the portable options.


Drop it into methanol or Hexane. Should completely dissolve. Or heat it up to a liquid and see if goes completely clear and if anything remains a solid.
Sent out some distillate to get isolated for me as I wanted it done faster than I could do it. Got back an isolate that had a brownish tint. Heated up to 200f and all of the iso liquified except for the 10% filler they had put in. Looked like baking soda to me. Wouldn’t dissolve in methanol or hexane.
Hell a guy called me the other day and asked me what he could cut isolate with to send it over seas. Told him nothing I know of. Because I think that’s bull shit.


Gmp means homogenizing your material and taking intake samples for lab work and holding a retainment samples to be able to go back and cross check/verify and ensure quality is upheld from the start to the finished product.

There is no other way to verify that your material is 99.9% true isolate- you have to test it with proper analytics- simply dissolving it in a solvent is a good way to know that whatever is in there- it dissolves in a solvent.


If someone takes your money selling you a product which is not what they told you it was, you sue them for bait and switch. Make sure you have them document what they are selling to you before you buy it or you don’t have a leg to stand on.

Then if they literally tell you to pound sand, you collect as much correspondence between you and them saying so as you can and them burn them down all of the internet of course.

You can also put sugar in their gas tank but maybe that’s just my vindictive side showing


There is a lot of isolate sitting around since the price crashed, and not all of it is being stored appropriately, which will make the percentage degrade. So some people could be selling bad product without realizing they are doing so.

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A lot of shit doesn’t dissolve in those two solvents though.
Quick and easy way to check.
I don’t care what anyone says GMP material doesn’t always mean it’s quality.

I was thinking of getting some from mile high labs, any thoughts on them

I’ve never done business with them so I couldn’t say either way.

“I don’t care what anyone says”

Sounds a lot like willful ignorance to me.

Of course cGMP stamps aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on… but I’ll tell ya what… if YOU follow cGMP, the quality and consistency of your products will increase.

Uncontrolled variation is the enemy of quality.

Don’t be an enemy of quality.


I track everything all the way through And have 3 years of data to support our process but you can go out and buy some capna system that runs at -30, get your whole facility GMP certified and still put out isolate with fats in it. I guess at least you can track it back to the source.
Don’t get me wrong @Rowan we are getting GMP certified because we will have to be in order to stay in the industry, but it doesn’t hold a lot of clout with me. I’m positive that there are guys on here working in a shed or a garage that put out higher quality stuff than a lot of these GMP facilities.

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Also it hemp man. The variables are constantly changing.

Who said you need a capna system to adopt Current Good Manufacturing Practices?

Here’s the thing

One artisan in a shack absolutely will have a much better chance to put out better quality product with more love and more detail than any large facility ever could hope to attain but that is limited in scale

CGMP is a system that is what allows a large operation with many employees who often times may rotate in and out (turnover is real and you have to plan on losing talent as a matter of practice)
To attain consistently strong scores in quality, and do a much better job at ensuring a safe product for your customers and safe work environment for your slew of workers-

Show me facility utilizing a cGMP system with 30 workers and show me the one without

I know which one I want to source a consistent supply of material from from the get go- yeah there are exceptions but when we move to scale we are talking about bigger business and that means convincing larger groups of decision makers-
CGMP wins at scale, hands down, always


I can see your point on consistency and traceability at scale.
As far as the capna system. That’s just one that I came up with off the top of my head, insert any other “turn key system”.
The main point I am trying to make is just because it’s traceable, repeatable, and in a clean environment doesn’t guarantee that it’s a high quality product.
I can trace the food I ate and I can eat the same food everyday but in the end it’s still shit.

Keep in mind, drug production is a lot less subjective than food. When Bayer manufactures aspirin, repeatability is pretty much the sole criteria for quality and that is the basis of cGMP. There’s no “hey, Bayer makes a really fire aspirin”. There is no room for subjective quality with cGMP and as a matter of fact, the level of validation necessary usually disincentivizes needless process improvement which is what is usually necessary for making products with that “subjective” quality.


I have yet to figure out how to produce the exact same crude, distillate, and isolate every single time.
While the process stays the same the input material is always highly variable. Even with isolate there are always small inconsistencies from batch to batch.
That’s a main reason why I don’t think we can get pharma GMP.
Bugs the shit outta me when I see “I got that fire” what ever it is.


Yep, but a very big part of it at this point is that we’re not nearly as reductionist as pharma is. For a lot of these products will never be better if they are stripped down and recombined to create perfect consistency, but for a medicine, patients need to be able to depend on their medication being the exact same every time. I don’t see a good way of doing that other than breaking everything down to it’s constituents and then compounding them as necessary. Of course, a lot of people are trying that and they’re pretty much realizing it’s pretty complicated with cannabis

Which is why controlling ALL the way across the supply chain is important.

Strain, AND grow environment matter. Which is why Bedrocan & GW only run a handful of production strains

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