How do I filter Pentane...

Any recommendations on how to filter Pentane after its been mixed with distillate CBD oil to make isolate?

Vacuum Oven set-points. Pentane purge CBD isolate Give this a read


Depends on your scale, but a sintered disk buchner funnel works well in the 1 kilo or less range. Just be sure to keep it cold. I use a coarse frit and 50 micron paper to make sure is flows quickly, limiting how much time it has to warm up and dissolve my crystals. If it needs a rinse, I’ll crush the dry crystals as fine as I can, level out the crystals in the buchner, throw another paper on top to avoid channeling, and rinse with cold pentane (The colder the better. Use dry ice if you don’t have an ultra-deep freezer. -24c pentane will kill your final yield).


I use pressure filtration for my pentane extraction. Column with filter paper on it.


What are you trying to filter out?

I am trying to filter out THC, Terpenes and other cannabinoids. I made isolate by mixing distillate oil with pentane. Allowed the mix to sit overnight and have dumped the pentane mix into a bin and collected the crystals of isolate. I am left with pentane mix and am trying to figure out what to do with it.

Oh, dude you’ve gotta distill that off.

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What do you recommend to use to distill it? I’ve got Ethanol recovery distillation, short path distillation, and wiped film distillation machines.

Ethanol recovery distillation, if you’re talking about a rotovap. It’s basic solvent recovery. I don’t even bother pulling vac when I’m recovering pentane it recovers so quickly.