Vacuum Oven set-points. Pentane purge CBD isolate


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Following the pentane washing of CBD isolate, we dry the crystal, grind it, and place it in a thin layer on cookie sheets in vacuum oven to remove residual pentane. We’ve read some indications that CBD can sublime. Does any one have suggestions for temperature set-point and vacuum levels to best achieve low pentane levels?

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I would be very interested in the Reading of the sublimation of CBD
IF You have Any links Please post as for
Pentane vac levels once reaching iT s boiling point You are already there iT s yust the time and making iT possible for all pentane to escape that come in play
Like the flipping of shatter



Thank you for your response. Sublimation was brought up by another person. I can’t personally speak to it…



If sublimation occures iT is minute at room temp and atmosphere i haven t encountered iT ever and My scales are fairly precise :grinning:
If Any one here can answer this question iT has to be our sorceror @QGA



CBD does not sublime in my experience it has a rather specific melting point of 66 centigrade. Pentane’s boiling point is around 36 centigrade. so experiment there. Do I know the answer to this… yes… do i think you can figure this out for yourself… yes.

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