How do I build a private labeling brand... Using Bootstrap methods

Hello guys,

Im still very new to the forum, loving it here and wanted to pick your brains.

So currently, i make a decent amount selling my personal flower to friends. I want to start making money online… By selling other things that isnt flower related.

What Non flower product have you guys sold in the past that was successful

*Marketing is my biggest issue, I currently have no website - do I even need one?

The goal is to build a brand and put my name on useful products.

I need help finding suppliers for:

Smoker associates (Grinder/ Rolling Papers / Backwoods)

Fashion wear - (tshirts, hats, booty shorts , etc)

suppliers for growing equipments - like red solo cups that I can design with premade holes, my own scales, pots , nutrients )

Do you guys have any tips for me.

I want my own mylar bags but I dont want to pay so much money to have them premade.
What do you guys do to find great suppliers for any products you want? thats my IG, all advice is welcomed

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Have you met China? I hear they are good at making products for resale. A website is the front face of your business. Next you need a sales channel like your website, Amazon or Ebay. Then you pursue advertising to make people go to buy your goods.


don’t quit your day job


Thats for sure, a Already made that mistake once. not gonna do it again.

Sup sup! Depending on what exactly your selling I would hyper focus on one thing that you know you can make great and then start adding in skus. I have the habit of taking on a ton of tasks and do a little bit on each at a time and wind up not getting anything done.

Find something you can excel in and start the entire thought process by looking to get to a “sale” as quickly as possible. Look up the term “minimum viable product.”

Also remember there are laws that surround everything hemp/canna so look em up especially if your looking to do work online.

Use sites like to get MVP designs done for affordable rates. Cheers!


Thank you any advice for picking suppliers?

what types of mvp designs?

hit up premium design co


What website provider do you guys like to use?

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I’m a little busy with ongoing projects ATM but @sidco would be my recommendation.


Minimum viable product designs for your branded products.

I use :muscle: great for freedom of design.

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Website, social media, they all work

Only thing OP has to do is beat other people’s prices


What were you gonna recommend?

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How much is it a month?
i know Shopify is like 30$ a month.

take out the words cheap and fast


Pricing is far from the only thing to compete on


When I land I’ll respond in more detail


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