Hot Hemp

I often see lot of discussions about “hot hemp” and as a farmer I have thought a lot about this. I have read a lot of different opinions and discussions on the topic, but here is one that I have come to that I be curious to hear others thoughts on.
People like to share COAs of their flower and take credit for the high cbd content and ignore the total T. Of course state to state varies on this rule, and I can only speak to California, but total THC maters here wrt passing compliance testing to allow for harvest to proceed.
However (begin argument) at least in the state of California, those “flower COAs” don’t mean shit, from a legal standpoint. In the state of California, there are clear rules and regulations pertaining hemp sampling to determine if said plants are in fact below the threshold of 0.3 total thc and thus certified as hemp. Those rules state who can take a sample (only registered lab or county official), who must be present (grower), when sampling is done (days before harvest), location, numbers of plants, the amount of material that much be collected and from where on the plant, etc, etc. the process is specific and clearly defined in the law. That compliance test results in a COA that clearly states “Passed (or failed) as California Hemp.”
My argument here is, as long as you can trace flower or bio to your certified hemp compliance testing/COA, there is no court of law that would ever accept any sampling of plant material after the fact, that didn’t follow the sampling procedures as stated in the law, and that would attempt to invalidate an already certified COA of compliance.
You can test the flower to get an idea of cbd concentrations and ratios and as a farmer you do that to know when to request sampling, but at the end of the day, the COA that matters to determine hot or not, is the county/state compliance COA.


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Is hot hemp this same as low thc cannabis? Seems like this was a name to allow shitty cannabis as hemp.

What differentiates hot hemp and say Mexican brick weed with low thc??


I’m arguing there is no such thing as hot hemp (assuming it was legally cultivated). If flower or bio was grown under a state (or usda) program and was legally harvested with a certified compliance COA, said flower and/or biomass can not ever be called hot at a later date because some additional testing was done on it.

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I think if it was compliant from the jump. I don’t think the test should be able to change except for error.

Concentrating it is different

If the flower test over .3% at any point is marijuana. Whether in the beginning when it might have more sun leaves on it. Then finely trimmed it can pop hot and is no longer considered hemp

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CBD levels

“Compliant” hemp is like 30:1 CBD:THC they usually give up 9-13%CBD with .3-.4%THC

“Hot” hemp is more like a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio and this is what people usually pass off as smokable flower. It can go high like 20%CBD and 1%THC

Mexican brick weed is more like 30:1 THC:CBD and will give up 9-13%THC - its like the same chemotype profile as the compliant hemp but with the thc and cbd flipped.

If they sieze a package in shipment and they do a complaince check theyre not just going to check your paperwork and send you on your way. They are going to check the levels and if they say its hot its hot.

What do you mean?? In the csa and the dea revision I see nothing about the amount of cbd. Only thc. Meaning anything above .3% is marijuana and below is considered hemp.

It’s pretty clear

Isnt hemp defined as a cannabis sativa plant with a thc under .3%?

There is no “hot” hemp. That’s no longer hemp. Is marijuana. Cbd levels are irrelevant

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Hemp is compliant if it was tested as compliant in week5 or 6. Every farmer wants their hemp to be hot at week 8 because its got more CBD content and its worth more.

Thats why you dont test after harvest because its hot after harvest. That doesnt make it illegal hemp. That makes it marketable.

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Actually according to the feds. It’s illegal. And we test the product that goes to market. Not an immature plant. Lol

Imagine that happening in weed!

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off topic sorry guys

the packing says 100% d8 0% d9 thc lamo my local head shop. i was tempted to buy one to see how they were. youd definitely fail a drug test vaping these right?


Lol im not kotk im not here to argue.

The alphabet boys who regulate hemp and hemp licenses and hemp compliance are the USDA and they are

They are in charge and they dont require anything but a pre harvest compliance test.

If they required every batch of crude to be tested then thats what they would require and thats what you would need to be compliant. They only require the plants to be tested and only plants grown to be taken to full maturity.

If you are growing plants for breeding purposes or for r&d purposes you dont have to even have it tested. It doesnt matter what the THC levels are because you arent required to test it.

The only reason you have to test a batch is so you can release products made from that batch to the retail market.

Why not take the test as a clone when no thc is present??

This is from michigan department of agriculture this week. They say to full maturity because if you are breeding or doing some other R and D you are still allowed to do that. If youre working with a new strain you cant be expected to grow a whole field of it to see if it will go hot.

Why not. This would be where picking the right genetics would be important

If 1 plant in the whole field is hot it doesnt make the batch hot. They would have to test every plant in the field. You take a test of plants just like how you test soil in the field. There could even be hot plants in the “batch” If the 25 or so samples test good on average as a “batch” then youre good

Well then go for what u know!

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Hemp/cbd is descheduled. We are watching the process live in action. Me, you, all of us we are part of it and were watching it from the inside out no matter how much we fight it

Unfortunately thc is not being descheduled and most of these high cbd strains come with non compliant thc amounts.

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He literally stated his procedure for harvest. The agriculture commissioner has to come out and perform the test. Stamps it pass or fail. Now its hemp. Just because it degrades into thc doesn’t make it not hemp.

The simple answer is that you can only process the flower and cannot bring to the retail market until the product is compliant.