Hop Latent Viroid

Sooo i know nobody likes to talk about their STDs lol but I figured it was time to bring up this issue and see what the forum has to say about it. I have been getting contacted by a few people per week now (mostly commercial operations) regarding Hop Latent Viroid issues they are having. Due to tissue culture work taking a lot of time and money i have been directing people to use lab testing to test mother plants before they are grown out to take cuttings and then again right before cuttings are taken. Bleach will kill the virus off of tools like scissors but also causes them to rust out quickly. Most of these grows are claiming grower error not even realizing what the true problem is lol. So lets hear it, what state are you in? what controls are you doing to prevent the spread of HLV, lets hear your stories!


PCR testing for Hlvd is honestly a joke. Ive used 2 separate labs for it and by the time there is enough viroid concentration in the plant to test positive we can see it in the plant’s structure. My opinion is to invest heavily in mom/veg management. A couple good experienced people in there can eliminate it and many other issues quickly.

@cloner is probably the best person here to shed light on what a joke the average cannabis clone nursery is compared to any other horticultural crop.


ive had some cuts with the weird leaf side curl thingy.= didnt seem to spread via a cloning machine. I think cloners best thing to prevent or eliminate it is his tissue culture lab- a round can get a virus or a bug but thats gone next round vs via tissue cultere mom vs cloning over and over.

i think most crops are just dirty and not nearly as much care taken as typical cannabis? They do huge volumes though. By joke do you mean unproductive? my local stores get 18 wheelers of small plants but they come with lots of bugs and diseases. But there lots of them to fill every store.

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Most horticultural/agricultural crops have real verified genetic banks stored in ln2. Cannabis is: here is a clear pcr from 6 months ago and BTW they come with multiple insects that are vectors for viroids.


so you think the bonnie clones i can get from wlmart are straight tissue culture? I know the base is to maintain strains but they are in a filthy greenhouse and cloned before it gets to me. they tc a big mommas and clone them. just as cloner does but they arent as clean. I know you used him as an example of how to do. but im kinda clean too because my closet doest have too many viruses and bugs.
My first clone purchase was weird- i bought from 3 states away but we nearly went to highschool together??? on city apart. Upon meeting she gave me a sample bud of mimosa but said she didnt smoke weed??? So in summary- i got 25 clones and all were different phenos, s1 seed babies. BULLSHIT. Also we went deep into convo and via my thumper methods i sussed out that they were s1 seeds. THey had phenos all over the place and was just a waste of time and money. OH ALSO= I asled what ipm they use and they said NONE??? I was asking so i didnt do double dosing. They grow outdoor and greenhouse in michigan with zero IPM? are they just zapping it with the strongest shit and set and forget?

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I will say-= cloners mtm looks to be the shit- it has a crazy virus like fast zombie. im working on my pics skills before posting a pic of her.

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No, consumer grade clones from Walmart are pretty similar to consumer grade clones from the dispo, you expect them to be dirty. I’m talking commercial operators.

Don’t believe for a second that TC is guaranteed to clean up viroids or other issues. It takes a lot know how and time to remove a viroids via TC. A standard TC is actually highly likely to replicate a viroid.


i was descibing a good clean one kept in tc? im clueless about that stuff but in the lab it stays clean right? Im pretty sure the procedure would be a long quarantine before deeming a strain worth the time to tc.

Look up propagation of chrisantems…

Look up orhcid propagation…

Tissue culture is where high value price ia met.

Did you know they grow photoperiodically delicate plants in the ecuator, cut them and ship via airplane for propagation in Holland for example?

Many ornamental plants have it better than cannabis imo

The logic behind it is in Europe your gonna pay much more to give them the precise environmental conditions Eucator peovides for free.

Propagation of the plants is then much more feasible in a developed country that doesnt have power outages and isnt the real natural environment of the plant in question.

1st november is the day you gotto have all of your chrisantems flowering at the same time no questions asked…

Thats micropropagation doing a big favour yo dialing in the right genetics, and of course somaclones produce new flower types sought by the seller to be slightly different from the competition…

Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

It’s affecting the clone supply in MI. One of my previous consults tested positive with SP Labs for a new clone in isolation that was acting weird. They threw away anything that comes in contact with plants (like 100 pairs of scissors and pots) and nuked the facility with chlorine dioxide for 2 days when moving plants between veg and flower rooms.


I got so lucky and got this early lol. Bought 1000 clones from darkheart in 2018 for my permitted project. Have been dealing with hplv since. Even with bleach, torching sissors. Testing, and culling of plants its still in my garden today but rarely becomes symptomatic. Honestly the easiest thing is to learn to identify symptoms and cull infected plants, torch your scissors between cuts or plants, bleach everything all the time ( all my garden clothes have bleach stains), run lots of beneficial microbes, and most important is to look for genetics that are asymptomatic.


what are the symptoms? I think its a strange leaf curl on half a leaflet? And lack of vigor?


Also brittle stems and difficult to clone.


My garden is clean, but hypothetically, could it be transferred in or carried on a seed coat?


The reading I’ve done they aren’t sure yet if it can be transmitted by seed.

I’ve read 10 to 15% transmission via seed . Can’t find the original study but if you do enough googling you’ll find it. I dont think there is much solid evidence either way.

I heard some guys add a little bleach to the water when germinating. I have no experience with this technique.


I only use these when pruning and taking cuts off my mom’s.
And always tools with bleach in-between different stains when pruning plants in flower to be sure.


Bout to fill a cloner myself. These are what I use too.