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After paying over $1,000 on getting a makeshift fume hood built which is non functional and spending the same on a contractor who robbed us, our team is ready to make a smart investment and purchase a purpose built fume hood. Can anyone make any recommendations. We don’t do ethanol extractions yet and mainly will be using this hood for manufacturing CBD salve. Minimizing smell of hemp, essential oils, and menthol is key. Also need the ability to run electric cables through it with at least 3-4ft height for mixing machines. Doing decarbs would be awesome as well. We operate in a medical office building with no outside ventilation and have been dealing with complaints from smell for over 6 months intermittently and have tried countless strategies to get it under control in addition to spending thousands of dollars. Every complaint jeapordizes our use of the lab space. Looking for hood recommendations and any other suggestions that would allow us to continue to operate smell free.

do you run a hydroxyl generator?

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We do not currently.

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Well, you should look into it. I think it’ll help. Good luck.

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if its just a vent hood I would see what sheet metal shops are in your area and task them with the build.You could also move to a closed container for your formulation procedure.
have you just tried a carbon filter and a can fan in the corner of your room?


Try UV filters as they should handle the smell problem.

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You can have a sheet metal shop fab the hood for you but thats the expensive part, is there going to be any significant concentration of flammable vapors going thru that hood?

You would likely save some money by scrapping the hood idea and just making a booth from 2x4’s instead. You would probably still want to pick up some stainless duct from a sheet metal shop to run the exhaust duct.

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Kewaunee is a good company—check out BSI labs also.

Should cost about $4k for a decent sized hood. Add another $500 for the cost of installation. Pray that the building owner will allow you to install a new hole in the building for exhaust or that you can tie into existing exhaust.

If it’s a medical building they may have fume hoods they’re not even using


Everything Im reading suggests that the generators take typically 8 hours to remove smell.

Do you have any photos you could reference. I paid over $1,000 to have this built and there are so many spots air can escape that its basically worthless. Hired another guy to build me a plexiglass enclosure last week and he ended up robbing for another $1,000 and threatening us with violence.


Yeah, this has nothing to do with criminal issues. If the pharmacy smells, my company will be kicked out with no where to operate as doctors in the building have complained leaving us on thin ice.

I don’t think they have any fume hoods and I have low confidence level that we could install additional holes in the building. What do you think of Erlab?

I dont have any pictures for you but what I was suggesting was a permanent structure and it doesnt sound like that idea would fly with the folks you rent from.

:point_up:This will allow you to reduce the smell from decarbing.

Have you asked if you can tap into the existing ductwork?

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Where do you hook up your duct on that hood?

Nah mine works right away. I use them all the time. Highly recommend from personal experience and research.

I would also suggest running a small personal humidifier on the intake of the unit. The generated hydroxyls will work wayyy better ime.

It would come down through the top, but its not fully set up. Hired a “more skilled” contractor and he literally took my cash and ran. Not going through this a third time. So I need a fool proof plan.

Can you cite a recommendation? I need something fool proof.

Can you send me a link? I need to make sure whatever I choose will work because my chances are highly limited.