Honey Cut/Clear Cut Ingredient Update

Let the shenaningans begins…

I have an update on the clear/honey cut that has been such a big topic on this forum. After speaking with a few different manufacturers its been determined that it is a vitamin blend.

Which vitamins, I do not know, lets discuss.

Determined how?

Determined by selling enough. :joy:

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This is ridiculous…

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Its probably a majority vitamin E


4 of the 4 manufacturers I spoke with disclosed vitamin blend. Now either its a huge nationwide conspiracy and all these guys are working together… very slight possibility, or thats actually what it is. Is that really so far fetched that its a vitamin blend?


someones grumpy today lol

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When someone makes a claim I like to see empirical evidence.


That was my first thought, tocopherols.

@DistributorMichael yeah, I’m always grumpy when people make uneducated choices about others’ health. I’m sure this “vitamin blend” is totally safe to inhale.

For the sake of transparency, that last sentence was satire.


Let’s say this actually is a vitamin blend like they all stated. Would you rather inhale a vitamin blend, or pg/vg/mct? If you have a better suggestion I am completely open.

And before “dont cut” get’s stated, how would you recommend diluting broad spectrum cbd that tests at 99.8% total cannabinoids down to 30%?

COA Attached.
CBD Distillate COA.pdf (261.2 KB)

I have read about medications being vaporized. Maybe the next big thing is vaping vitamins. :man_shrugging:


its already a thing. people are vaping b12, melatonin, etc. just google cbd vitamin carts


Look at my Instagram. I’m making 75% CBD, crystal resistant distillate, there’s no reason to cut distillate.


Someone is holding a gun to my head and saying vape this mystery goo or vape the MCT/VG/PG?

I’ll take the devil I know any day of the week.


Exactly, so maybe this wouldn’t be such a bad thing depending on what vitamins they are.

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There is when the retail price on cbd carts needs to be between $25-$40.

Currently costs around $5 to produce a 300mg broad spectrum vape. Hits distributors at $10, and then wholesales at $15, retails at $30.

Lets assume that this isnt a a mystery random goo and its actually a vitamin blend, now please decide…

What vitamins are in this blend? Until you disclose which vitamins account for 100% of the goo, it is still just goo.


Hopefully by next week I can answer that question for you. This post was simply an update. It’s more information that wasnt previously talked about on this forum


this guy says its terpene based. I also figured it might be helpful for us who havnt seen the stuff to watch this review…

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