Homogenization Duty Time: Distillate & Terpenes...

When employing a high shear homogenizer to emulsify / disperse terpenes in distillate with a volume of 500ml, duty time should be no longer that 90 seconds. There’s a homogenizer manufacture telling processors it can take up to 10 minute’s processing time for a complete emulsion, 500ml’s.

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Good point, but I need a little clarification.

To me “duty time” or “duty cycle” is how long I can leave the machine running at any given speed or loading, before the machine gets to over heating. An appropriate cool down period is usually listed as well.

If it takes 10min to homogenize, then I would need to run multiple 90sec bursts. if the duty cycle was 50%, I’d have to wait 90sec between pulses.

So are you telling us that the time to homogenize 500ml of distillate is 90sec?
Or that the homogenizer should be used for only 90sec bursts?

With the CAT Homogenizers it only takes 90 seconds for a complete emulsion / dispersion @ 65-70 degrees celcious, 500 ml. No need for a cool down period! It doesn’t take 10 minutes to process, 90 seconds, that’s it, then on to the next batch!

The 10 minute time frame was in reference to another homogenizer manufacture and the SOP’S for their Homogeinzers processing distillate and terpenes.

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He might not say it but I will. CLEAN/LUBE BETWEEN BATCHES.

The oring will get messed up if you dont. A Scrilogex with BREAK COMPLETELY if you do not clean between batches. Do not trust your wooks. They will not clean in between batches if you are not on top of them!!!


You are 100% correct, the shaft must be cleaned after every run.


Would the X120 model be included in this 90 second duty time? Also does this homogenizer put oxygen bubbles into the solution? With magnetic stirrers I always try to avoid having the vortex come into contact with stir bar to avoid further product oxidation.

I’ll be able to give you a better answer if you can provide me with the following information:

  1. Constituents being processed?
  2. Volume range?
  3. temperature of solution?

Forgive me for the lack of information. We will be processing distillate and terpenes at volumes between 200 ml - 500ml. We typically use a heated magnetic stirrer at 75c. Other then speed what will these homogenizers provide vs the heated magnetic stirrer?

Given the X120 is a 120 watt device, I would be very hesitant processing distillate with it for two reasons, 1. you have a T17 shaft which is an open shaft meaning distillate will be processed up through the shaft tube. As soon as the distillate cools to ambient temps it can easily damage the shaft vs. our sealed shafts. 2. Given the viscosity of the distillate, depending on dilution, you may be able to perform an emulsion @ 200mls-275mls,@ 70 degrees C, anything above that volume will stress the motor and burn it out over a short period of time. We’ve had a few processors use the X120 homogenizer for processing distillate, however in very short order they cooked the motor.

We recommend the X1000 Homogenizer Drive or the X1740 Homogenizer Drive for processing distillate and terpenes; X1000 Homogenizer-1000 Watts, X1740 Homogenizer, 1700 watts.

CAT Homogenizers provide uniform distribution of terpenes throughout the distillate processed, see below!

how long should I run my x1000 to homoginize distillate into coconut oil/soy lecithin 1500-2000ml batches

What is the dilution percentage?

Tom, I would start of with a total of 700 grams and see how the X1000 performs. If it does well, increase 100 grams a run. As you increase the volume pay close attention to the motor and make sure it dosn’t get too hot. To be safe, no more than 1 liter. I realize the device is rated for 2 liters, the viscosity of water.

Remember to clean the shaft after each run!

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Thank you very much! I will definitely look into purchasing the models mentioned above.


If I want to process 900mL of distillate and 100mL terpenes in a 1 L will the X1000 suffice? What generator would you use for that?

With 10% terpenes the max volume is 700ml. It only takes 90 seconds to process!

The G20 (V) Coarse Generator Shaft is the tool for processing media of this viscosity.

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It takes 90 seconds to process at what RPM/Power-level?

I’m looking to process full spectrum co2 oil with 1-5% terpenes and distillate with 1-5% terpenes in volumes of 500ml - 1L would would be the best fit situation. I have used a hotplate in the past but I am interested in benefits of switching.

@CATScientific CATScientific I am looking at x1000 AND X1740 models

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In between batches must the shaft be fully disassembled and lubed? Or is there an option to run the shaft in ethanol and then lube at the end of the day?