Hiring Senior Lab Tech in Medford, OR

Apply for the position on ZipRecruiter: Senior Lab Technician at Swift Extractions

Swift Extractions is looking for an experienced cannabinoid extraction and distillation laboratory technician to join our Medford, OR facility. As a member of the laboratory team, the technician will contribute to the extraction, filtering, distillation, and remediation of hemp-derived cannabinoids.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Create and manage detailed distillation models and standard operating procedures for the laboratory

  • Maintain up to date market standard operating procedures for critical findings and deals

  • Run Short path distillation units to pull heads and volatiles from cannabinoid crude oils

  • Run wiped film evaporation units to distill cannabinoid crude oils into distillate oils

  • Crash and isolate cannabinoid distillate oils into powdered isolate

  • Troubleshoot and service mechanical components of laboratory such as vacuum pumps, chillers, heaters, and glassware

  • Become part of a collaborative, multi-functional team


At Swift, we understand that our team is our most valuable asset. We look for people who are passionate about cannabis and extraction And are ready to hit the ground running. Swift is seeking highly intelligent and motivated candidates with the following skills:

  • 2-4 years in a chemical laboratory-based role (cannabis preferred)

  • Advanced understanding of short path distillation and wiped film evaporation of cannabinoids

  • Strong creative problem-solving skills

  • Effective communication skills

  • Unwavering attention to detail

  • Ability to work effectively with both peers and senior management in a highly entrepreneurial team-oriented environment


  • Competitive salary + stock options & benefits

Apply for the position on ZipRecruiter: Senior Lab Technician at Swift Extractions


What is competitive salary? Just post your offer here. I don’t understand the lack of transparency in this industry, I have guys that I can source for you but if I don’t know what your offering that won’t happen


It’s dependent on the candidate, and gets negotiated. It’s also part of a compensation package that includes benefits.

Their in no need to get into those details until there is a quality candidate to negotiate with.

Also, enough info was given to motivated candidates so they could attempt to track that info down.

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They should still have a readily available range they are looking for


They do. And there is a button you can use to request that info.

It’s a filter to see what candidates pay attention to detail.


Very useful information.

Lack of transparency in every industry regarding compensation. I do agree, if would save everyones time if they would just say “this position pays between xx,xxx and zz,zzz

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Yup. It’s dumb to do it any other way. It’s why zip recruiter and indeed and all of them are awful. Have to go through 8 pages of info and then wait a week to see that they are paying super low… and then all that time was wasted. Always was super annoying


Yup all that

That’s why we need this on here.

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That would be very useful

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That seems like a great opportunity to
Make an application and is very doable. So bascially a service where employeers could post openings and employees could apply. Like an Indeed for cannabis/hemp extraction techs? I could have a backend to persist user data and an authentication/authorization in place and a front end to render the data in html. What features would be nice to have - “liking” job posts, email alerts?

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those site allow the employer to post pay ranges if they want to. The employers are choosing not to.

If they post a range, everyone will want the top end, and they will be pissed if they are hired for less.

We are members of the Forums here. We are ‘prefiltered’ in that most of us aren’t here to waste time and generally have something to contribute.

I’m guessing $18/hr + Benefits. I don’t really have anything to go on, so that’d be a low average guess.

Theory: Post the wrong answer and hope it gets ‘corrected’.

Edit: Yay! We did it, now we can tell our local friends in/near Medford with enough info and see if they bite!


Hello. Thank you for taking the time to look into our job post. We intentionally left compensation undisclosed because we feel the purpose of this post is to initiate a conversation with candidates. Since making this post, we have had several people reach out with many questions, including details about compensation, and we have gladly answered them. We state the compensation is “competitive” because we researched similar positions in the area and know our starting pay of $25/hr (+ stock options & benefits) is above average. Our compensation packages are commensurate with a candidate’s profile and are negotiable to ensure the candidate is accurately rewarded for the value they bring. We appreciate your feedback and will be sure to share it with our human capital team.


Ya man that’s solid compensation package

Ya just silly not to post it. Post a range and if they Arnt happy what they’re getting and don’t understand the explanation as to why they are recieving the compensation they are receiving then that person probably would have been a bad hire lol.

Same approach at conventions where people make you call their sales team to get pricing even though I’m standing there talking with their owner looking at the product and they still won’t tell pricing. It’s a gimmicky sales tactic. We will be shouting our pricing from the rooftops because we know our pricing is awesome. If you feel you need to do a bait and switch or have to convince someone to buy it’s probably poorly priced

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