Chemistry job compilation

Hi all!

I would like to start a spreadsheet that lists all openings in the cannabis/hemp space. Only I am looking to target it towards chemists and lab techs.

In theory it will be similar to ChemJobber and will be based in Google Sheets. This way, firms can post on here instead of on LinkedIn and Indeed. I will also share it with some other chemists I know who are not in this industry but know those who may be looking to get into this industry.


Please DM the opening to me so I can post it.


Here is the Spreadsheet, Version 1

EDIT: made the link shareable.


Its protected by some permissions can you make it public?

It’s protected so no one messes with it.

We can’t even view it though

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anyone should be able to view it now.

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Awesome concept !

Here is a Google Forms survey so I can input data

EDIT: New link

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