Hiring a lab director/director of operations and lab techs for a South Dakota cannabis lab

Doing a buildout for a client for a cannabis medical license in South Dakota. They’re a full grow and building an extraction lab. Looking for a lab director and lab technicians.

Compensation is up for discussion. Whether a flat salary or a salary plus production bonuses.
Depending on experience salary will begin at $120,000 and go up from there.

Lab technicians would be expected to have plenty of experience with BHO extraction and to be atleast familiar with hash and rosin processes.

Technician wages will begin at $20.00 an hour and go up from there depending on experience.

Moving assistance will also be offered for any employees relocating.

They are most likely going to be doing BHO, ice water hash for both finished products and hash rosin, as well as rosin and other traditional products like dry sift bubble hash etc.

They need someone to relocate there in the next 30-60 days. They’re hoping to be putting out product to their 10 dispensaries by the end of July.

A lab director would be expected to know BHO inside and out. Full melt/ice water hash, rosin, and hashrosin they should be very familiar with if not an expert.

Should have experience training technicians, leading atleast 5-10 man teams, doing bio tracking and track and trace, developing SOPs, being a responsible member of the executive team helping implement product launches and keeping sufficient inventory at all times.