HFS vac oven not enough info

Anyone have any positive or negative info on these need to expand but wanna save alil haha

You can save more if you went with a bvv oven.

Have you used there ovens befor an had any issues

No. Only used AI ovens. Tempted to buy one of them $1100 ovens though


I have 2 of these I like them


Yea that’s all I have right now is AI but need more space alil faster than I thought Have you had any problems with bvv any hot spots overshooting ect

I have 2 best value vac ovens and have no issue other then having to sometimes press door in to get vac started.


No nitrogen/inert gas port on those ovens

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Beggars cant be choosers. My first 1.9cu ft oven was like $2300. Now there is one with 12 shelves for $1100 or best offer which I know they always negotiate fairly. I’m a competitor and selling people on this deal.

This is like direct from China price. This is the reason I don’t sell vac ovens. BVV is crazy competitive on these oven.

This is why I don’t get why competitors hate on me. If they are a better deal, I don’t carry it. Pretty simple stuff. I suggest every company out there. I research the pricing all the time. There is a place for everyone. This is a great deal and I would buy it in a heartbeat and still might.


Sweet sounds like this is the way haha

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Another thing I will say about BVV. They are incredible with dealing with problems typically. I have gotten a ton of bad shit from them but they have always made it right and at the end of the day. I got the right part that worked or my money back.


Speaking on oven prices. It’s dont get cheaper than this. Fuck. I’m buying one just to test for the community. This is just too cheap to pass up. No and I have absolutely no connection to bvv. Only pay retail for their stuff.



This is what I was looking at

I ordered 2 they already came in :grin:

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Waiting for an OLD AF thelco vacuum oven to come in! Ditching the reaction chamber and moving to the vacuum oven is going to feel soooo good!! I can’t wait to be able to easily cut vac and open the door vs working the reaction chamber.