Here's a pic...should I ice my tank or not?

Do I need to ice my tank or will my two 60’ coils chill it enough? I hear different things so I thought id ask…thanks. Honestly have NEVER used dry ice but I just got my cmep 6000 back so now I must.


I use 2 50’ coils, I don’t bother chilling the tank.

I recover through my coils and back to my tank. So by the time I’m ready for the next run, my solvent is ready to go and the coils don’t have to do as much work going forward.

I love your collection vessel… where’d you pick that beauty up at?


Its from purge labs


Thanks. Do I have to put my coils in a 99% I so bath or can I just cover with dry ice. Id like to use the least amount of flammable solvents as possible…


if the iso is sitting in dry ice it’s not gonna be nearly as flammable just dont let it heat up and maybe get yourself a big ol exhust fan.

Yeah but do I need to use it or will my coils on just dry ice be ok?


youll be okay as long as you aren’t throwing big chunks of block in there. but surface area is real and thats the point of a coil. i would use iso personally. just make sure you have detectors and an explosion proof exhaust fan.



why Cannabizness?
Why ethanol?

Is it hemp or CBD either?!?

Because I wasn’t able to find the extraction option. Who cares? This website layout is kind of shitty and confusing.

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I think the bath is key

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Can we see your website ?


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Oh yeah, that explains why your so salty lol

Lolz I’m not salty…but my butthole is. :wink:

And full of seamen apparently

Exactly. 8==D~~<3

just because you can’t figure it out doesn’t mean its shitty.
you can’t figure out how to use your recovery pump. or even how to ASK in an appropriate fashion.

is it a shitty pump because you can’t figure it out?
or do you just need to RTFM?

I suggest you try harder.

you’re not extracting with ethanol, so why say you are?
to make useful information more difficult for others to find.
very community minded of you.



In his defense the tagging system on here sucks. Took me a while to realize you can type in whatever you want and if there is no option you can make a new tag. I fixed this thread with the correct tags


I agree that neither you nor @Rainbowp3nis are the first that didn’t notice the “search or create”…but it is still rather hard to argue that they’re not there…

rather than say “I can’t figure it out” we get “its shitty!”

k. go use something else. or put some time into figuring it out.

rather that posting in the appropriate location, we get “what does it matter”

do you want it less shitty or not?!?
then be part of the solution not the fucking problem.


thank you.

I considered that approach, but that wouldn’t provide anyone with the opportunity to learn how to use this shitty website.

even if this doesn’t help the OP tag their posts appropriately, it will result in more posts tagged in a useful fashion.

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