Here’s the test to tell if your shatter is fake!

So after this happened to my roomate I got to do some tests on it.

Here’s a very very easy way to tell if your shatter is fake (usually cut with the tree resin sap shit)

Put a little bit on a spoon, heat the spoon till the oil melts totally, dip your finger in the oil.

If the oil dries rapidly on tour finger and hardens almost identically to candle wax… your shits fugazzi.

It’ll dry super hard and within like 2-3 seconds tops.

Oil should always maintain a sappy consistency when its warm, and should not be able to cool off as fast as this shit does.



Well done brother! Easy test that you can do on the spot! Simple yet sophisticated. :pray::pray::pray: I truly don’t understand why the hell people need to cut shatter with the current price being so damn low. Smh


what are you referring to? these crazy weird stable like yellow clear slabs? ive seen some slabs that look weird to me beyond the point of crc and people saying tastes like plastic

Ya basically anything that tastes like plastic I would try this trick on. Either it’s shit CRC or it’s cut

does iso melt the fake tree resin stuff?

Just use heat. To do the test. Not sure you can seperate it once they cut it. Not sure if the sap dissolves in ethanol. May dissolve in hot water like syrup does

They probably cut it because the price is so damn low. Low price will bring back an equally low return.Then again people curt when prices are high too. Cutters will be cutters.

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