Hemp pricing index?

Where does everyone get there baseline pricing for hemp? Is there a commodity market or pricing index that is generally regarded as the “go to”?


We need to start one here…


Find buyers. They set the price in this flooded market.


I see this used on this site but it’s not realistic… Hemp Spot Price Index - Hemp Benchmarks. What mrandy said too

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Take your COP and add 20%.

Anything else is a plus.


We the farmers set the market ! Know what you grow and what it’s worth !


Supply and demand are what sets the market. The farmers are about to surpass the demand and tank the market. It’s really evident when you see farms that do not even have the means to harvest what they planted.


Farmers HMU for desiccant mesh so your product doesn’t get moldy as it sits around for months as you wait for the bear to turn bull.

(Sell now because we will see the price level off stabilize at a new low like any other commodity… Simple supply and demand will rule the market and very few factors will have any major influence on its future value; meaning there will be no bull market in sight).

Though, once cannabis is federally legalized and actually recognized as a commodity, there will be so much fuckery. Hard wallstreet niggas will be buying short positions on the commodity market and paying Hispanic migrant workers to spread aphids and fungal spores en masse to destroy crops. Our fellow Chinese will be seeding clouds and manipulating the weather to kill American dope fields.

I love me some free market capitalism.

But what do I know, I’ve only made the majority of my net worth trading stocks, and options gambling :wink:


No, they will now have the option to invest in a somewhat new and stable commodity. They will be bull. We will be bear. Same as supply and demand.

This sounds a MSM quote that trump said. Funny tho :joy:

USA already does this.


True for most investors, but emphasis on “hard.”

Yeah everybody seeds clouds :sweat_drops: these days. We learned from trees, forests seed clouds by diffusing terpenes into the atmosphere (terp blasts) that form aerosols which act as cloud condensation nuclei.

American farmers are tough and intelligent, they’ll find their true potential and worth with some guidance from the right people :eyes:

And Shhhhh I’m trying to shitpost some confusing disinformation rife with actual knowledge and clues. Also can’t forget some racial undertones for a visual comedic effect. That’s what a public Internet forum is all about, right? :joy:


Have u seen any options on hemp.,. My broker told me there wasent any… R j oBrian

Options arent separate from a buyer or seller. Find one of those and maybe you can contract an option.

I have not seen a contract fulfilled by a buyer on hemp this year.,… we extract and grow if we had 3.50 ppp contacts with a seller I would be :running_man:

Which is why the USDA RMA is going to have qualified buyer and ‘under contract’ provisions for a hemp crop to be covered under a WFRP insurance policy.

Not one?

Option platform or contract fulfilled?

Contract fulfillment.

Only. Maybe 40%. Have tried still midharvest But not one so far… Heard 1 near extractor in Oxford complete pull out all equipment gone and mia…had 10 farmers high and dry and he done some extracting in Jan Feb…

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Winter is coming.

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Winter is here