hemp plastic machines

hello everyone
Im Francesco an italian grower based in the north of italy growing hemp from the last year with 8 acres planted, this year i focus on hemp transformation
and i find that in the euro area the European community allows to have funds to transform hemp polymers in plastic, so i try to find machines that allow this type of process,in order to know in order to know operating specifications and all costs for having a functioning system.

Thanks all for reading i will appreciate any answer


My limited knowledge plastic sells for $1.25 lb & hemp plastic $2.25 lb. This difference in price is why hemp plastic is not taking off even though the hemp plant contains over 70% of cellulose…

Considering the above I have yet to see any manufacturing equipment for this basis. If anyone can enlighten I am highly interested also.

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I love this idea!!! I hope you can find a market (:smile: I’m more interested in hemp biodiesel and if it can be refined for engines that take regular… Though I bet they’ll save this for when they find out how ineffective electric cars are.

Did you know here in the USA Polypropylene cases that take over 15 years to degrade naturally are being used to hold shatter or other concentrates in some dispensaries.

Now that the hemp farm bill has passed I think in the USA we should be using hemp.


Im currently doing small batches of Hemp/PLA composite 3D printer filament. Im currently at a super small scale, not even bringing it to market yet, but i have my methods and formulation down, so scaling up is just a matter of securing equipment.

Im currently communicating with a chinese plastic extruder company and trying to get one of their units here.

If your goal is just to make plastic pellets, you could easily get a hammer mill and a pellet extruder and make your own hemp composite plastic pellets for using in injection molding and whatnot. Just powderize your spent material (make sure its free of solvent) and add it in with pellets/powder of your choice (ABS, PLA, PET, etc) into an agitated hopper. extrude and bam you have hemp composite plastic. itll take a little tuning to get the process locked in, maybe a little formulation experimentation, but it is something that is not far from reach with the proper application of elbow grease and ingenuity.

best of luck. supppppeeerrrrr curious about this thread, im just making 3D printing filament which is crazy simple, would love to learn more about making a true bioplastic out of hemp.


here is one consumer example of a almost pure Hemp Scooter…


we just get the possibilities to get 5 milion euro from the european comunity with a good business plan. The granules are the input of the moulding processes (injection or blowing) to create all the daily-use plastic objects
so we wanna create daily use hemp objects starting from granules

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Spent biomass (i.e. all the organics), just the fiber portion, or are you taking it through a chemical process to get to the plastic end state?

Some company in CO is selling 33% hemp filled plastic pellets. I think they’re just using fiber.

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we want to produce a granulate 50% hemp 50% pla

only fiber no chemical process

I ran a post asking about this awhile ago. The lack of participation from Fortune 500 and other applicable large commodity companies is a real factor as to why fiber farms in the states aren’t expanding at the rate Cannabinoid farms are.

In the Midwest there is a lot of interest being thrown into the hemp fiber space.
The processing infrastructure just doesn’t exist. We had large industrial decortication Mills in Illinois many moons ago, but those days are gone.

I know a gentlemen exploring natural fiber welding; they do a lot of work with recycled denim. I’ve seen an amazing coffee table they’ve made from recycled denim. They are trying to create that infrastructure for hemp fiber again, but it’s a lot of work.

Hemp plastics are the future. I’d love to hear success(and failure) stories on this thread as our industry evolves.

We’re personally Very interested in hemp biofuels where we are located.


all the hemp and weed produced in America and europe keep tons and tons and tons of fiber… we need to have a real destination for this fiber who can make the entire world plastic free @RockSteady have the solution in his hands granulate hemp mixed with pla 50%hemp fiber 50% pla…the ordinary plants who produce daily use plastic object dont need to be replaced from with new one need only new setting of working temperature in order to process the hemp plastic.so guys we need to put in work this simple idea and make the world a better place in to live and our pockets full in the right way not damaged no one peoples heart ecosistem
sorry for my english guys
really appreciate the intrest of every one
very thanks


bro wich type of extruder machine you use for small batch? i find this
produced by an italian factory
but it seems that cost to much :sweat_smile:

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“industrial decortication” - Careful with that ancient knowledge…:joy:

What type of fuel are you aiming at?


i have a filabot EX6,which compared to those industrial machines linked, is a toy, still does it job of making filament, albet very very slowly lol

but i have had moderate success with this system in the small scale. right now im doing 15-25% hemp to PLA with a tiny bit of talcum powder added in

Ive tried with full spent biomass, and also with stems and stalks both had decent results, and resulted in a 3D printing filament that sturdy and somewhat easy to print, although the abrasive materials in the filament ended up eating through bronze nozzels pretty quickly, had to change to hardened steel nozzels.

The system im tring to get to Oregon is linked below;

its next to impossible to communicate with this company though, such a pain in the ass.

but for making pellets and granules id go with something like;

Id do more research about this topic, as there are a ton of options for these machines, if you can find a decent european supplier than i think go with them over china, even if the price is much higher, i already know that when i get the chinese extruder here on the ground, its going to take me a few weeks of tinkering and modifying to get the system the way i want it and need it, hopefully a euro base suppler could sell you something completely turnkey,
hope this helps

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just the spent biomass and stems at this point. i want to just use pure fiber, how would you go about removing majority of the organics??? im guessing an acid wash of sorts?? thanks

thanks for the rabbit hole!!! :raised_hands:

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the one i linked before is an italian company but thera are few in italy that produce very good machine,in italy they patent a 50/50 hemp Pla granules. so i think you can put more hemp fiber in it, the result is more mechanical resistent.
what type of machine you need single screw extruder,twin screw extruder co-rotating or the inverse? let me know bro

this machine you link from alibaba extrude and make granules?
thank you for sharing bro

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id go with a single or twin screw with a secondary hopper downline for composite material injection. Ask that company about that, youd have one hopper that has the raw plastic pellets, from there the
raw pellets are funneled into a heated chamber with the screw(s) where the raw granule material is heated and compressed to make it molten and remove air bubbles, from there it is “screwed down” towards the die, where the 2nd hopper is, where the hemp powder is injected into the molten plastic stream and further mixed and compressed by the screws, untill it reaches the die where it is extruded. after extrusion a spinning blade or guillotine style blade cuts the extrusions to the required short length. At this point you may want to quench the hemp plastic to solidify it. I have used both air and water for quenching of the continously flowing extruder filament, water works much better imo, at least for 3D printer filament.

hope this info helps,

yes that alst machine i linked creates granules, but your mileage may vary as its a cheapo chinese rig lol, but its cheap AF, so theres always that.

Im curious how much those Italian systems are going for!!! if you end up getting a quote from them id be curious about how much they want

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What type of biofuels?

I wouldn’t do an acid wash…

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