Hemp farm for sale

We are selling our 18.5 acre turnkey hemp farm.
The farm has a 30x96’ greenhouse. The greenhouse has amisting/humidification system installed. It also has 200 amps (240v) of power installed with 12 double ended and 6 hps lights. Also 2 large fans and a wet wall to keep it cool during hot summer months. Great for producing smokable hemp. It also has 3 shade clothes to cover the whole greenhouse.

The field has been farmed in hemp for 2 years straight and yielded 20,000lbs of high cbd hemp each year. Very sandy soil compared to neighboring parcels. Farmed organically. It is run on a drip irrigation system which saves water, allows nutrient delivery, prevents evaporation, and blocks weeds. It has a sandstorm sand media filter and nutrient injection system. All drip irrigation supplies included. The field includes 16 shares of water which is over 100k gallons/day and runs from april 1st to november 1st. Even during the driest season in 40+ years (2018) we didnt have any shortage. 400amp power installed on property. Domestic water installed as well.

Also included is a 2006 27’ 5th wheel camper. The camper has ac, heat, hot water, queen master bedroom, bunk house that sleeps 3 and 2 slides for extra living space and everything works great.

1997 dodge ram farm truck with brand new mud tires. Runs great and has been meticulously maintained by a mechanic.

With the purchase is a rainflo 2550 plastic mulch layer and drip tape installer. This is a solid piece of equipment that can make raised beds for any type of planting. Rainflo 1200 water wheel planter which is used to plant into the raised beds where drip tape has been installed. Lots of surplus drip tape, plastic mulch, and gardening supplies. 15,000 organic biodegrable starter trays.

Self propelled walk behind rototiller for cleaning weeds between plastic rows makes weed maintenance easy.
Also a riding lawn mower included.

Located on the western slope of colorado with views of the san Juan’s, the grand mesa, and rolling adobe hills. The farm is located at 5,200’ and has a longer growing season than many places in Colorado. The hot summer days make the plants grow to their fullest potential. And the dry climate prevents against mold issues.

Also included with the farm are 4,000 high cbg seeds. These seeds will never go over the .3%thc no matter what growing conditions. CBG is much more valuable than cbd and more rare. These plants can easily produce 1-2lbs each. Currently the price for seedless cbg hemp flower is $600-$1200/lb.

$350,000k asking price. I am also willing to provide consulting to new owners for first 2 weeks of transition. Owner carry/owner financing available with 20% deposit and monthly payments. Please contact me with any questions. Thank you for looking.


Sad to see a farm go up for sale, best of luck. Including a soil report with heavy metal screening might speed up your sale.


Thanks for the input I will try and get that included.




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if it’s so great and produces so much. why would you give it up?

We have a 9month old son and live 18+ hours away from both sides of our family. So it makes life really hard on my wife and I. I farm 24/7 and she moms 24/7. I never thought I would move to be closer to family but having our son has been life changing in a good way.


yuppers. time to move closer to family.


We love the farm and are going to be heartbroken to sell it I promise. We planted 3 apple trees and 3 plum trees last year and were planning on putting a modular on this spring but like I said it’s too tough on us now that we have a 9month old and no family to help babysit or lend a hand.


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What are you even talking about “the state of Colorado doesn’t have any integrity”?

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I’m pretty sure @coyne is just a troll that goes around not making any sense…

A few days ago he was cheering about the falling prices of cbd oil and saying how he hopes it will be worthless soon :woman_shrugging:

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Never heard of anyone “disgusted with Colorado” or it’s integrity until this post.
Now you just sound like a lonely babbling troll.

I think Colorado will continue to thrive without your approval. Darn.


Colorado is amazing and most of my friends wish they could move there lol.


The farm is located in western colorado in a small town of olathe. It is peaceful and quiet. There is delta,co 10 minutes to the north and montrose, co to the south. Orvis hot springs is 35 minutes to the south in the mountain town of ridgway. Ouray is 45 minutes to the south and known as the Switzerland of America and is so beautiful. The grand mesa is 35 minutes north and is the largest flat top mountain in the world. It is great for snowmobiling all winter and has hundreds of lakes to fish during the summer. Telluride colorado and ski resort is 1.5 hours away. Powderhorn ski resort is 1 hour away. You can ride your ohv 5 minutes to a 900 acre playground of mesas and rolling adobe hills. And you can also grow 12 huge cannabis plants on your farm. I’m just saying…


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