Hemp derived terpenes


BAOX pure hemp derived terpenes. I just mixed them with some raw d8 and they’re pretty good. Less than $10/gram for real…not bogus bs terps. *ive been burnt many times.

It’s very important to let fresh hemp AND cannabis terps breathe some… like fine wine. ONLY the ones your using though. If you have more least exposure as possible to heat light and DEF oxygen.

IF they are REAL cdt or hdt EACH BATCH is different as well as EACH CULTIVAR! Example: X cultivar is about 44 drops per ml. Y cultivar is 38 drops/ml. Z is 40ml…different batch…X cultivar is 39 drops this time *again ea batch is different. Many variables involved. Your ratios WILL change also. Ppl think “last time 4/drops/gram or 9% was perfect”…ratios CHANGE IF your getting real deal. Diff phenos, diff cultivars, you know how it goes. The density or w/e changes.

Dont get me wrong…IF they’re the real deal, they’ll taste pretty good no matter the ratio but theres a sweet spot for sure. 6-10% depending on your base. Distillates more on the lower end…thicker resins more on the 10% range…room temp viscosity plays big role…but good distillates thin out well.

REAL DEAL hdt or cdt CHANGES your oil in a good way. Not only the taste AND (e)affects but also they help cannabinoids to be more bioavailable, so your body uptakes more efficiently…*meaning you dont need as much. Same for edibles, topicals etc.

Im writing this super long post b/c LOTS OF PPL ARE FULL OF SHI*. I remember trying to find real terps and ppl just flat out lying to me. *you shouldnt take offense unless the shoe fits.

I’ve bought a few terps from ppl on here who claim to have real deal 100% cdt and theyre crappy hdt at best. They mix them together trying to make new ones, create different names on here and give themselves good reviews. Its bs. KNOW THIS IF YOUR BUYING TERPS!!! IF THEY DONT SMELL LIKE CANNABIS OR HEMP they are trash…in my sorta humble opinion. **not saying anyones name…but HOPEFULLY those who are scamming will STOP THAT CORNY BS.

I HIGHLY ADVISE YOU to buy a SINGLE sample from those ppl 1st or really they should send you a sample IF you are being honest. 0.25ml is more than enough to smell if they are real. Dab a tiny bit on your finger and rub on your arm like cologne…spread it out thin and waive in the air some…SMELL IT…TOUCAN SAM on em. Dont let ppl bs you. Ppl will tell you whatever u want to hear.

IF you have any questions feel free to hmu. Happily answer any questions about terps idk everything but lots of experience. Been making my own carts for years.

Its like 20 min later and this diamond loaded joint isnt even 1/2 done. Lol toaaasted. Hope this helps someone…GOLDEN RULE STATUS. peace


Ive been watching your posts and the sheer chaos of your average instagram post is extremely fascinating to me. Like the alex jones of weed lol


Lol way more crazy stuff coming. I get a lot of unfollowers. :sunglasses: but im glad u like it. I have like 100 drafts in my inshot video thing. Im going to do the china fake sun and fake moon thing next. Lol. The sun isnt really like a big sun in the sky…but this crazy fusion/fission madness. The moon however is a real deal fake moon…up in the sky and all.

BOTH pretty crazy though. Hope your doing well. :grin::pray::facepunch:

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China…fake bags, fakecarts, fake cbd, fake logos, fake moon, fake sun…fake pandemic…

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Holy shit. Ty for making me me #look



That’s funny I finally found the page after looking but I could tell based on the caption that this guy is likely also another ig page I already follow.

@Realterpsmatter care to share your ig page for the fam? The one you have listed under your profile on future ain’t it


No, the crazy thing is you are dead on most of the time. Not gonna lie, I giggled about the terp thing until I tried some of the strains you were talking about. I chalk it up to some extractors being one hit wonders


I’m just a weirdo, but trying to learn about The Most High & The👑Lord …leads me to all kinds of deep info and praying for help to understand…comprehension level rising daily all thanks to ABBA and The👑Lord. Such a trippy experience…life. The Bible says to seek wisdom and get understanding. ABBA’S Wisdom is not to be compared to all the treasures on earth. Far more valuable than we can imagine.
*want to be clear, MOST ppl who talk about :crown:Truth are full of crap. I KNOW im not a good person, not better than anyone AND im new to the :crown:Truth…much to learn…but its so easy to see IF you look for yourself…MAJORITY of the churches out there are posers, false claiming, false repping. Teaching LIES and CONFUSION. IF you really try to understand The Bible, seek HIM w a sincere heart you WILL find HIM. THINK ABOUT IT…:thinking: IF this is THE CREATOR saying this is HIS :crown:WORD shouldn’t HE be able to help YOU understand it?? HE wants us to. But we cant come w ANY BS…gotta be 100% sincere.

James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

6 But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

*i am brand new only 3-4yrs in trying to learn…i listen on youtube…download the audio and listen in the car too. Put lofi hiphop instrumentals behind them…but pray and ask…its the deepest wisdom ever…MIND BLOWING LIFE ALTERING WISDOM more valuable than you can ever imagine. SO EXCITING you want to tell EVERYONE that willing to listen. :grin: all fear and bogus feelings go away.

Try to understand for yourself…you do NOT need to go to church, we’re talking about THE MOST HIGH, Creator of all. Course HE will teach you, but its a 100% bullshi* free zone.

im not a good man, im 100% shi by myself…this is crazy long response already just want to be clear on that.
FAITH in TRUTH comes by HEARING THE WORD. :pray:

All glory to


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:grin: sure, its @cannabis_miamor …havent done the fake sun/moon thing yet but in the drafts…ive been ranting about coofid since like March last year. So many way more advanced truther type ppl out there than me though. I’ve been interested in dna and biochemistry for a few years…but not anyone to be teaching. Just sharing few things i learn :nerd_face::pray:

Highly recommend looking up what “gain of function”… Aborted fetus tech, gmo stuff 5g/6g electropouration…all ties into the mark of the beast. Hope u enjoy :sunglasses::pray::facepunch:

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Yea there’s so many variables involved. Sometimes it all comes together. Good grow, handled and processed well, some ppl are starting to comprehend importance of keeping the bm cold from crop out. I dont think everyone is intentionally ripping ppl off. Some ppl just dont know any better. But boils down to basics. Fire in fire out. Cant expect to pull gold out of dried up diarrhea. :nerd_face::pray:

*some ppl getting better…the more terps become common knowledge the higher the quality will go. Just like everything else. Pushes the garbage juice out. :sunglasses::facepunch: ppl should talk more about these issues. Im going to be more active on here. Ruffle a few feathers…in a good way though. All for US. :pray:


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Sometimes i get completely overwhelmed speaking about The​:crown:Lord…crying my eyes out. Not ashamed one bit. :crown:HE is changing my entire life. New heart, new desires. :pray: