Hemp derived Delta 8

I am looking for a small quantity of Delta 8. The purpose is to share with some folks in order to obtain feedback before deciding whether to buy or produce larger quantities.


$100 a gram

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really? whats its % for $100/g?

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This is why they don’t like him. This product should be at most 20/g. Even at isolate levels should be no more than 60/g.

Thats predatory as hell unless you are just buying 1 gram


In what form? A vape?

I make D8 distillate, from our t free broad spec, got a few kilos if anyone is interested, kinda just messing with it,


I may be but I need to sample as stated above.

ugh, live near vermont?

Nope. Tennessee…

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send me an email

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Sent. What you have is hemp derived?

I have seen some D8 products recently come across our desk. I believe there is a market for this.

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Lol. More like $2 a gram

I love d8. I make it regularly for myself and friends.


What is your desk and what type of products come across it!

I have seen the marijuana derived Delta 8 go for 55 or so for a half gram in cartridges.

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That’s insane. Like I said $2-3 bucks a grams is what I make it for.

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Hemp or Canna derived?

Canna. Although I’m sure if my source has cbd strains this season that it would be the same price

I am a licensed hemp farmer and looking into making it with qualified help.

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