Hemp CuTT

We want to make a new post so people can refer to the information we have posted in one location.

To clear up all the questions.

  1. What ingredients is in our product?
    Hemp Oils Isolated from hemp which contain no fats, lipids, terpenes, CBD or THC.
    Hemp CuTT has less then 9% Natural Terpenes added into it to make it thinner.
    Hemp CuTT EX is thicker and no added terpenes.

  2. Why have you not been active.
    Our product was released about 2 months ago and we were told be a customer that is active on here that people were discussing our product recently so we joined. Our first post when we tried to introduce our product was flagged and our acct was locked for 2 weeks. Recently it was fixed thanks to the mods.

  3. Can you explain exactly how you make your product?
    The method we make our product we are not sharing as we are currently applying for a patent and have been directed to not share the exact info. What we do share is what it is made from and we like to explain that it is nearly the same as the extra oils you find in your distillate. No distilllate is 100% made up of cbd,thc,terps. So imagin what else is in there.

We are here to openly discuss and share info but please understand we are not active 24/7 here. We are extremely busy and trying to do our best to respond and help anyone.
If anyone needs to contact us directly please use the direct message feature or go to our website contact form. Hopefully this helps everyone. I am trying to speak to a mod about making out own post of this information so everyone can see easily but we do not want to get flagged. Thanks Guys

If you have a gc analysis of the product your selling, please post up.


I’m kinda confused on your COA. It shows high purity, but for what? Have you identified and isolated the unknown parts of the hemp distillate?

This has to be a joke right. Is this the year we allowed to just make our own COAs.

So I just open up word. Write coa in some
Different fonts. Add some colors and some paragraphs that don’t make much sense and this constitutes for a COA. WTF are we doing guys. Is this Mickey Mouse business? Cause this can’t be real?

Hey @Thetetraguy you fucking with me bro. Did you just make this? :joy::rofl::joy:


Haha I wish I had time to fuck around like that, but these are on their website lol
It’s not even under another lab, just their company :joy:
If this is the case, I can start printing out my own Coas for every liter I make, 99% for this one, hmm let’s go 98.6% for this one, oh this ones a bit red, 97%
Oh this ones clear 100.6%


The CoA is useless without composition. If you think your product is the best, release a full ingredients list or fuck right off

Everyone is tired of useless CoAs and you’re gonna shoot yourself in the foot unless you provide actual information.


Bro your shit is weak 98%. Hahaha :joy::rofl::joy:I’m only buying that 108% thc distillate. If it’s under 105% I’m not even looking. :joy::rofl::joy:


Damn theres 25% variance on my tests, I’ll retest it to make it 120% hold up. Let me print out another


Seriously though, will your hemp cut ex, just melt with a flame or will it catch fire like Terps?
You should probably release those facts instead of that wonky coa, you’ve done those tastings, I mean testings right?


This is a word doc with a couple green tables


i think you need a dictionary. The phrase “Hemp oil” means an oil derived from hemp, which would be a lipid. Full, actual ingredient list or fuck off. We don’t need more greedy assholes selling vegetable oil for cart cutting. find a real job


Start a new topic cause everyone called out your mystery death juice on last one? Things don’t change that fast around here… Wow do these companies just get shadier as the year progresses?



Look at all large manufactures of products. Most companies produce a COA with there company info.

Yes we have identified 2 oil isolates.

We have shared the ingredients.
Hemp CuTT - Dewaxed Hemp Oil , 9%- Natural Terpenes.
Hemp CuTT Ex - Dewaxed Hemp Oil

This coming week we will have more test results that we plan to release. Due to the issues going on we have sent more samples to testing to get more detailed results. What we can say for sure is there’s no vitamins in our product. Our product is all derived from hemp besides the 9% of Natural Terpenes added to Hemp CuTT regular. Our product has no waxes or lipids inside of it.

If you have any direct questions you can call us and speak directly to our lead tech which has much more information then I myself. I handle customer service and marketing and doing my best to keep up with our normal avenues among this new forum here. We appreciate everyone’s insight and will do our best to respond.

still haven’t looked up the word “oil” i see


Oil - any of a group of natural esters of glycerol and various fatty acids, which are liquid at room temperature.

without a list of actual ingredients anything you claim it to be is irrelevant. Most rational people wont take you at your word that its safe. Attempting to sell mystery liquid for people to vape when people are literally dying from the same behavior proves you must be literally psychopathic

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We have listed the ingredients multiple times above. This is not a mystery liquid.

how is it different from a product like this