Hemp - Cherry Wine - Terpenes

Does anyone know if there is a market for selling / buying terpenes? We decarb our crude oil, then on the first pass of our short path distillation the machine separates the terpenes from the distillate.

We have been saving the terpenes and now have liters of them, however, I have not seen a market for them. Ebay has many terpenes for sale, however, nearly all of them are THC strains such as wedding cake or sour deisel, etc.

Our terpenes are coming from the hemp biomass of Cherry Wine. They smell great.

Any help would be appreciated.


Dm me i will buy

I am also interested in some hemp derived terpenes

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Would be interesting to see what survived the decarb. What were your parameters time/temp?Get it tested!


Derived after first pass distillation of crude and they smell great Hmm ?


I too would be interested to see what terpenes survived the decarb and get caught on that first pass


We decarb to 150C to 165C for approximately 4 hours. Then, we run though our Root Sciences VKL 70-5. The first pass separates out the terpenes.

Here is a picture from a batch that came out today:

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Hmm those are not what i had hoped for
The green color is the result of terp degradation but Maybe someone has the patience to fraqtionate distill them again and catch the unharmed terps :+1:


Listen don t want to fix something that is n t broken
But decarbing above 140C
And for 4 hours is proven not so safe for cannabinoids


How can we prevent the terp degradation? Decarb at a lower temp? Less time decarbing? We are producing about 2 liters per day of terpenes.

Also, what color are we looking for here with Cherry Wine hemp terpenes? Anyone have a picture or a clear description?

Thank you.

Thats the million dollar question we all seek the anwser to
Keeping those terps😢
Almost all terps don t like the heat we present them
And a lot of the volitile terps evacute When decarbing
So what You have is Some good terps Some degradade terps and only half of the terps that Where there at the start
( all terps with a bp lower than 150C have left ) and also all other. Compounds that make scent and flavor !
Other than terps and there are Many
Are your terps worth something ?
Well Yes i asume someone is interested but probably not at a cannabis derived terp price for clean extracted terps (CO2)
Or other terp specific extraction method
About your Decarb temp
Temp seems high and the time seems long to me might want to look into that
Restek has Some reports on that :+1:


temperature. the color you’re looking for is crystal clear. decarb at lower temp.

If You get a lab report of the terpene flower content and the distilled terps
You can evaluatie Wich are lost degradade etc and You can research the most probable color this coctail should have Wich is probably pale yellow

We decreased the decarb temp and the terpenes are looking much better, see below. In addition, we received our terpene profile back from the lab. Download here: 201902-1122 TR - Terpenes.pdf (593.0 KB)


that looks MUCH better.

I just have some 2day for the first time, strain is Hemp Lifter and they smell very good, they are stream distillated, that beat any botanical terpenes on the market (I think I try every brand in North America). They are cheap as far as price and it is actual cannabis.


Dm me. You got for sale?


This stuff smells good ?

hey frenchie, what’s the difference between hemp terps and cannabis terps? are hemp terps cannabis terps?

Yes, as far as I know, I am just a buyer, they are the same, except one is from the hemp plant and the other from a cannabis plant. Both are “cannabis derived” to me.

But they are a HUGE difference between those kind of terpenes (steam distillated) and real Co2 or Microwave terpenes that smell and taste like actual cannabis.