Hemp Can Be Crucial To Control Climate Change And It's Destined To Be Wildly


It sounds good until you actually start thinking about what they’re saying.

What do you mean? I feel like they were bhang on and got all the dope on this. Everything they present is based on hempirical evidence and they actually undersell the benefits.

It sequesters co2 twice as effectively as trees, requires half the acreage as cotton for fiber production as well as hemp fiber lasting twice as long as cotton, is 4-10x more efficient than trees for paper production, excellent for soil phytoremediation, requires little to no ferts & pesticides, can be used for everything from concrete to insulation to biofuels to food to cosmetic products (seeds contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids and protein than walnuts or soy beans, plus they make what some say is a mighty fine milk substitute and the oil can be made into a skin moisturiser and a some say a tasty salad dressing).

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You are on a cannabis processing forum, you don’t have to try so hard with us bro


I respect his opinion and am genuinely interested in what he meant.

Prolly just another chad who doesn’t believe in climate change.

All right let’s start… They claim the United States is responsible for 28% of the CO2 emissions in the world, It is not it is responsible for roughly 15%. They claimed that hemp grows 4meters (13feet) in 100 days, it does not. They appear to make a claim we should convert 50 million acres to grow hemp, there is a little over 300 million acres of land being used for crops in the US 50 million represents a very large percentage of it and it is inconceivable to convert it to hamp. That’s just off the top of my head… Unfortunately we heard so many over-inflated “facts” about hamp over the years that we all just end up jaded when we hear another over inflated claim. Unfortunately I’m sure if we dig enough we will find a lot more.


He means its a puff piece designed to siphon investor money into their pocket


Among other reasons.

As I’ve already mentioned, the polar opposite is true. Let’s assume we didn’t check any of their other “facts” and just look at what each and every person on this forum should know for a fact- hemp does not grow 13 ft tall and 100 days. Based on that alone, how far off do you think it puts their calculations?

I don’t think I’d die on that hill.

100 days is a long time. Italian hemp gets to about 15 ft and from what I can find hemp is generally harvested in under 100 days.


The whole story is full of holes. But I’m willing to concede that I do not know everything about hamp and how fast/tall it’s possible for some strains to grow.

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Have you grown fiber genetics before?

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Yes, I have.

And yes they can grow super tall. here is a link to some variety that grow that tall in around 100 days. Also they get planted MUCH closer together than CBD plants, so you are talking thousands of plants per acre maybe more.

And yes they can grow in a lot of places that we don’t monoculture crops today. They can grow in rocky soil, on mountain sides, in marshy areas (although different varieties needed). And yes - they won’t grow amazing in those other places, but those places right now are scrub and pasture, so hemp could be dropped out and would start growing. Whether we could harvest it or other things would eat it or it would be good for the local ecology is a whole different question.

I spent some years re-engineering my families old school hemp ag tools to see if I could get them to work with new big tractors (hint they did not, but older tractors they do!) Because sometimes the science hasn’t come as far as you need it to come.

They have used biomass from hemp as fuel in China since I was in high school (a really long time ago…) that doesn’t really sequester the CO2… cause it goes right back out. But it is renewable and if you can manage particulates could be nice.

But more broadly - using hemp to prevent erosion. Using it to make things that won’t be burned - so the carbon stays sequestered - is awesome. Using it to make hempcrete (which is real, and you can buy some and read about it here is awesome as a building material for many reasons - and much cheaper than wood and concrete depending on where you live in the world.

Add in the food side of things - and wow. Even if we didn’t use this crop in the US - if we helped the UN remove cannabis from the drug czar sight glass of death - that would be amazing. Cause those places NEED all the things that hemp can offer far more than we do in the US. And that will help their economies and create better materials and limit the need for fertilizers/pesticides while using less water and providing lots of food, fiber, and building materials. -shrug-

But this is all stuff we have known for the last 20-30 years. No reason for people to act like it is “news” cause it isn’t. I legit debated this my junior year in high school - it was a thing way back then. No one has really “moved” on it - because the stigma and drug connotations are still there. So I suppose its good that someone wants investment, cause maybe it will go somewhere. But really its just us chickens here - building our own nests and making our own spots in the world incrementally better.

Cause if we had to wait for government and the billionaries to do so we’d all already be dead. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds really cool and I love your enthusiasm and what you say… But problem is so many people rely on articles just like the one discussed here in this thread as their “fact base” by which they base their arguments on and it tends to make one jaded to the arguments. Mind you I am not nullifying anything you saying I’m just saying I am a bit jaded and I would have to read for myself and make my own assessments as to validity of the sources you are basing your arguments on before I am comfortable accepting them as “actual facts”. But at the end of the day I sure as hell would love it if all of it is 100% true. (Unfortunately we know not 100% of it is true)

The hemp that can save the world is not the cbd hemp, it’s the fiber hemp…


I’ve seen it. If you live in the: mid-atlantic, midwest, or south you can probably find some fiber hemp being grown within 2 hours of you. But generally agreed - while industrial hemp is 1000x more useful than cannabinoid hemp, it has a ton of BS around it.

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The carbon capture only works until the hemp rots, unless it is buried, which is ambitious on a large scale. Iceland is experimenting with injecting co2 underground deep enough for it to crystallize and stay there. We could make hemp pellets and find a big hole to fill. Although it all reminds me of the Futurama episode about shooting garbage into space.

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It rather depends if one consider the current yearly share of emmission (11% in 2020) or the historical share since before industrial revolution (roughly 25%).

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Mr. Jebril, with all do respect, get out of here with that bullshit spin! First and foremost their cumulative CO2 data logging is laughably bullshit and if you are intellectually honest you can see how those numbers come across as complete and utter bullshit. What China is admitting to only is close to three times the amount the US produces… But we all know that China lies! You do not achieve lower CO2 emissions in the world by imposing restrictions in levy fines on countries that are doing their fair share while giving a pass to the world’s biggest polluters. And by the way the industrial revolution is the reason the whole world progressed, not just Western countries. Getting cheap TVs and computers is not progressing the world 1 cm forward.

I have no clue why you even bring this up the way you do? Do you have some sort of agenda against the US or the West as a whole?